Monday Music Madness: “Top of the World (feat. Dev)” – The Cataracs & “Love 2 Baby” – Christian TV

4 Apr

Top of the World (feat. Dev) – The Cataracs

The sun is out. It’s going to be at least 80 degrees here in DC. Summer is right around the corner. So what does that mean? Party songs – loud bass and 808 drum beats, synthesized melodies and simple yet catchy hooks. “Top of the World” by The Cataracs and Dev is a great example of what a Summer song should be. Although it’s been out for a while, this song has yet to hit the airwaves. The Cataracs and Dev have been featured on this blog before, but I think this is their most fun and best song I’ve heard. With The Cataracs laying down verses and providing the beat and Dev providing the hook, they’ve created another hit. In fact, I don’t understand why they’re just not one group. Anyway, forget your allergies and spring right into Summer with “Top of the World.”:

Like this song? Be on the lookout for a new album by The Cataracs dropping sometime this year and be sure to check out Dev’s new album, The Night the Sun Came Up, dropping April 2011.

Keep reading for more songs!

Love 2 Baby – Christian TV

There is little to no information about this next artist, which means he’s pretty new and very unknown. All I know is that Christian TV comes from Detroit and he makes dance tracks. This one in particular is good. “Love 2 Baby” exploits the one thing that’ll get me, and the majority of people out there, to like a song – singing “Oh” in a very catchy way. Let’s examine, shall we? Most recently Britney Spears did it in “Till the World Ends”. Going back a little further, Jay Sean and Avril Lavigne (which I’m still ashamed I like this song) did it in their songs. It also reminds me of 90’s techno for some reason. I loved 90’s techno. So check out “Love 2 Baby” below:

Like this song? Download Christian TV’s mixtape, Who the F*ck is Christian TV – MixtapeFO FREE here. Also, be sure to lookout for his album, Diary of an 80’s Baby, dropping sometime in 2011.


Mr. Saxobeat – Alexandra Stan

This song comes to us from one of our readers in Spain! Olé! Apparently this is a club favorite over there right now. So why not bring it over here? You’re welcome. Alexandra Stan is a Romanian student by day and a recording artist and hotter version of Taylor Swift by night. She released her hit song called “Lollipop (Param Pam Pam)”, which I will not subject you to because her English is terrible in that one, in 2009 and followed up with this one which is still, as mentioned before, blowing up the charts in Europe. “Mr. Saxobeat” is a simple techno song. There are no real lyrics to it because it just hopes that you’re wildin’ out at a club while this comes on. It’s simplicity is why I like it so much. It has nothing to do with the music video. (Yes it does.) Check out “Mr. Saxobeat” below:

Like this song? Check out her Romanian website, which I have no looked at yet. Let me know if it’s any good.

[Thank you Vicky. H for the tip!]

Just Can’t Get Enough – The Black Eyed Peas

I know. I’m supposed to hate this song, but I don’t. They got me with the “switch up”! I can’t help it! Sigh, so The Black Eyed Peas came out with this song a while back and I like it. I’ll keep this breif because you probably stopped after you saw B.E.P. But, I just wanted to point out that the music video was shot in Japan a week before the Earthquake, so if you haven’t yet, please try to donate some money. Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 or go online at In the meantime, check out “Just Can’t Get Enough”:

Like this song? You can get the B.E.P.’s album, The Beginning, on iTunes now.


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  1. Vicky April 5, 2011 at 10:30 am #

    You’re welcome 🙂 Lovin’ the songs this week (as usual).

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