A Look Ahead to Movies in 2011

1 Apr

It’s that time of the year again, after reviewing the best trailers of 2009 and previewing the movies of 2010, let’s now look ahead to the summer of 2011. The summer is when all the movie studios roll out their biggest and baddest movies for the world to see. This year promises to have some of the best blockbusters to date, you’ll find them arranged chronologically by release date (I’ll also throw in my two cents).

We also had an idea — why not make a super trailer of the trailers? So if you don’t want to scroll through all of these or just want to get pumped for the 2011 summer, or if….just watch this! It took us a whole day of editing with the amazing talented eye of Andrew Smith. We hope you like it as much as we do (yes we made this):

Isn’t that amazing?

The full list of all the summer movies after the jump!

Your Highness – April 8

This movie is going to be awful, it’s amazing to see two great actors in Natalie Portman and James Franco back in roles like this. Be sure to skip this and Netflix/HBO it this fall.

Scream 4 – April 15

And the franchise that started all the slashers is back. I can’t really remember/did I even see ‘Scream 3’ – so I’ll give this one a shot, looks pretty tense and will be some good thrills…to watch in October.

Legend of the Fist – April 22

This movie is going to be so much fun. If it’s playing near you, go see it!

Water For Elephants – April 22

This movie comes with A LOT of hype from the book, and after seeing this trailer, I want to read it. The visuals/cinematography look incredible. I’ll be seeing this one as soon as I can. This movie will be the role Robert Pattinson needs to grow his career into Oscar roles.

Thor – May 6

Listen, Thor is one of my favorite Marvel characters, his cocky attitude is hilarious, yet he backs it up by destroying anyone. However, when I heard they were making this into a movie, I was skeptical – how can you transfer his story to film? He is a god afterall. Well they still tried it, and I am still skeptical, but I will be sure to check this out (especially that Hawkeye is making a cameo in it!).

Priest – May 13

Another movie based off of a fairly unknown graphic novel — either way this just looks like Legion/Constantine. So my vote is to def skip this one and wait for it on FX come October.

True Legend – May 13

This movie has come out in Asia already, and has been met with nothing but praise. Visually it looks amazing. This is a great movie to grab some Chinese food, your bros, a few beers, and enjoy this film. Check out the Chinese all action trailer also.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – May 20

Sigh. Where to begin? Once again it’s Hollywood out of ideas and throwing these sequels on us. The sad thing is, it’s a great idea to incorporate Blackbeard into all this, but maybe before we had people becoming giants in a cyclone storm. With that being said, I’ll probably fall for this movie still and go see it though..

The Hangover Part 2 – May 26

BRAND NEW TRAILER! I really want this movie to be just as amazing as the first one — but I just know it won’t be. I am still excited for it, but a timid excitement towards it.

The Tree of Life –May 27

This trailer is beautiful, abstract at it’s best. Terrence Malick is amazing at cinematography, maybe one of the best, and then add Brad Pitt!

X-Men: First Class – June 3

I love me some X-Men, so when I heard about this I was pumped, then I remembered how bad the last one was…remember that?! BUT THEN HOPE — they released this trailer and my faith was restored, this could be amazingly epic. Make sure to check out the Russian trailer also.

Super 8 – June 10

This movie is without a doubt the one I am most excited for. I am so happy that ‘Coach Taylor’ from Friday Night Lights will get his big break into the movie world. Whatever this movie is about, I will be there at midnight.

Green Lantern – June 17

I could have sworn that this movie already came out and flopped, but no — except it will flop. The only reason to even think about seeing this movie is if you’re an avid Avengers fan and want to be completely ready for the Avengers movie in 2012 (but you should just rent it).

Cars 2 – June 24

This is still to date the only Pixar movie I never saw, I think it was the Larry the Cable Guy character that turned me off. But now that there’s a sequel, I’ll have to check out the first (even though this one looks pretty rough). Just make a Bug’s Life 2 already!!

Larry Crowne – July 1

It pains me to see Tom Hanks looking older now, but he is still my favorite actor. The only reason I’m not excited for this movie is the girl — Julia Roberts. Does anyone like her anymore?

Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon – July 1

The 2nd Transformers I almost walked out of, but I stuck it out, only to be continually disappointed. The third one promises to be the most epic, and with all the problems while shooting it, how could this be anything but a disaster? Either way, people will flock to see their cities destroyed by Transformers, and I’ll be one of them.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 – July 15

No official trailer yet, so here is a behind the scenes look. Considering that I am a huge Potter nerd and have read/seen them all, I’ll be here opening weekend also.

Captain America: The First Avenger– July 22

After seeing the first teaser, then trailer, I was completely turned off by this movie. It was beginning to look like the cheesiest movie to date, but then this trailer came out..hmm said I. I’LL BITE!

Friends With Benefits – July 22

Don’t tell Becky guys, but Mila Kunis is becoming my crush. That being said, this movie is going to be pretty bad, but a great Sunday afternoon movie from the friendly confines of your couch.

Cowboys & Aliens – July 29

Just about everyone chuckled at the title to this movie during the trailers (it’s based off a graphic novel) and the studio even contemplated changing the name. I’m glad they stuck with it, because this movie it just going to be fun.

Smurfs 3D – July 29


Rise of the Apes – August 5

There’s no official trailer for this yet, so this is a fan made one. James Franco is staring in this one, but I have my doubts.

Conan the Barbarian – August 19

What can you say about a teaser with just smoke? Not much, but my hopes aren’t high after hearing the short dialogue.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark – August 26

Guillermo del Toro can pretty much do anything and I’ll be there (even if Katie Holmes is in it).

Well that wraps up the 2011 summer blockbuster season! Hope you enjoyed it, and if you want all the trailers in one convenient playlist, head over to this link here.


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