Food Review: Pi Truck DC

10 Feb

The food truck craze has taken off not only in DC, but around the country. It has become the cheap way to get yourself out there, while providing great food to customers anywhere you can drive basically. Well today DC officially welcomed its newest food truck to the streets: Pi Truck DC

A little background on the company: they started in St. Louis, Missouri and have two locations there, this is their first venture out of the Gateway city. Their restaurant is currently under construction (still in early phases from looking in the window), so to create buzz, they entered into the DC food truck business.

To kick things off — they tweeted they were offering free pizzas to the first 36 customers, not a bad way to make a splash in DC. Needless to say, my coworker Jon and I marked our agendas to be ready to head down to where their ‘brick and mortar’ restaurant will be soon – 910 F Street NW.

The owners both came out and introduced themselves to everyone, personally shaking each person’s hand. They then announced the specials. If you couldn’t tell, Pi Truck DC serves pizza — deep dish pizza, the only truck in DC to hold the title. They have a great menu with basics like cheese and pepperoni, but also branch out to showcase the deep dish. Jon and I both waited about 10 minutes in line and were handed a Lincoln Park Pizza – zucchini, onion, ricotta, feta, all topped with tomatoes. The walk back to the office was excruciatingly long.

For a picture and the rest of the review, keep reading after the jump!

So there it is, a giant pizza, built for two people – in a custom ‘green’ box that breaks away for plates and future storage. The smell was amazing and I tried to eat as much as I could – but it was incredibly filling. I ended up eating about half and giving out the rest to different coworkers, who all shared the same opinion — this is some great pizza. All of the flavors came together and were held in check by a perfect crust. I will definitely be planning my trip back to the food truck soon, and counting down the days until the restaurant opens.

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UPDATE: Went back on February 15 for more free pizza giveaways – this time I got the Southside Classico. Has sausage, green peppers and onions — and it was delicious, here’s a picture:


3 Responses to “Food Review: Pi Truck DC”

  1. hudsonka February 11, 2011 at 9:52 am #

    That pizza with toppings sounds amazing. Did you end up getting it for free? How much does it really cost?

  2. hudsonka February 11, 2011 at 10:03 am #

    If you’re interested in food, you should check out my blog:

    • Ghudson February 11, 2011 at 4:01 pm #

      That’s a great point Hudsonka — to all the readers, for a true foodie reviewer, head over to !!

      And yes I got it for free! It’s unclear the prices for the truck, but in the restaurant, my pizza is $17 (feeds 2). So we’ll see how they price each pizza or if they’ll do half pizza options?

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