Our Next Big Trip?

6 Feb

As I watch more snow fall to the ground late into the night, it got me thinking about a nice tropical vacation. And as you know, I sure love traveling. And I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to travel websites. It might be a problem.

Well either way — I think all of us (even YOU) should all pitch in and go on a trip sometime. Recently Jetsetter.com posted a flash sale for a private jet. So that solves our first dilemma: how are we going to get there? In style:

Yeah that’s pretty awesome…

For the rest of the trip, find out after the jump!

So just think of it, we arrive at the airport to our own private jet waiting for us – – we would surely look something like this. Either way, we would fly and arrive in class. But where should we go? Well I don’t know about you, but I am getting sick and tired of this snow. Currently it is snowing once again..will it ever stop? Well I’ll tell you where it never snows: St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Yes these tiny islands in the Antilles are home to some of the best beaches the world has to offer. And at this particular resort, the Cotton House, deluxe rooms come with your own private pools. My favorite site Jetsetter had this to say:

This secluded estate, an 18th-century sugar mill and coral warehouse, was once a wedding gift for Princess Margaret. Befitting an island with deep colonial roots, it still draws royalty and rock stars for its privacy, privilege and service. Guests love the remote island for the magnificent white sand beaches and the constant ocean breeze — all of which feel delightfully far from civilization.

I mean who wouldn’t want to go there? So I figured we could spend a few days there, maybe four. Then instead of traveling back in our jet, we could charter a yacht (or buy one) and cruise back up to the Caribbean and figure out how to get home from there. While this might all sound ridiculous, I’m sure someone out there has done this in their life. And hopefully someday, I’ll be able to say I at least did one of those things.


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