The Immaculate Mercedes: Black and Yellow and, Oh No…

4 Feb

Pittsburgh Steelers safety, Troy Polamalu, is known for many things; his endurance and ferocity on the field, his decent acting skills on those commercials he’s in, this awesome possum Nike Fate commercial (still gives me chills), and of course, his long locks (long hair, don’t care, if you will). Now, he can be remembered for another thing; being the inspiration for this terrible terrible car detail that would even make Xzibit cry.

I present to you, “The Immaculate Mercedes“:

Martin Reese, 27, of Daytona Beach, FL, apparently spent over 90 hours transforming his 1983 Mercedes-Benz into this monstrosity. It was reported that after he was done, he yelled “IT’S ALIVE!!” then twiddles his fingers together for another two hours (no, not really). What is true, is the fact that he is driving this to Arlington, Texas because he is going to the game. Awful. So just in case people don’t have the internet, they’ll be able to see this thing rumbling down the highway.

The name “The Immaculate Mercedes” was inspired by the famous Steelers’ 1972 Immaculate Reception, which is still a ridiculous play and is one of the most rememberd in NFL history. Now, although I am rooting for the Green and Yellow, I appreciate his insanity and fanaticism. He is definitely making the Steeler nation proud. For everyone else, however, they’re just embarassed for him.

When asked what he thought about the car, Polamalu took razors, shaved his head and said “It’s not worth it.” (No, not really).

[via Orlando Sentinel]


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