Your Thursday Mixtape Vol. XIV

3 Feb

If you missed it last week, I don’t have as much time as I used to, so I am just dropping mp3’s in here that I am currently listening to for that week. So enjoy the free music and a trip into my musical mind!

Deerhoof – Super Duper Rescue Heads

Gang of Four – You’ll Never Pay for the Farm

Travis Porter – Bring it back

(Someone with actual rapping abilities PLEASE rap over this)

More tracks after the jump!

Titus Andronicus – Theme From ‘Cheers’

The Goondas – Jackalope Jesus

Fujiya and Miyagi – Sixteen Shades of Black and Blue

Pert’ Near Sandstone – Raleigh and Spencer

Alpha Consumer – Life Size Voodoo Doll

Buke and Gass – Your Face Left Before You

Diego and the Dissidents – Contaminated Waters Pt. 3

Hope you enjoyed that mix, drop a comment if you are interested in hearing more from any of these artists! And be sure to support them!


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