Your Next Big Artist: Zowie

21 Jan

Thanks to a comment by an avid reader, I was tipped off to a new artist from New Zealand. Her name is Zowie (Zoe Fleury), a 22 year old, only recently releasing her first album in September. She has created quite the buzz back in NZ, and is only recently starting to get noticed in American blogs. So now is your chance to hop on and say you’ve been following her forever. Guess who recently picked up Zowie on his tour — Mark Ronson — look out world!

Zowie is pretty good at the hype machine, releasing a teaser to her single “Love¬†Demolition“. Judging by her music, she loves the ’80’s and is jumping on into the music world full speed (imagine a Robyn, Gaga, Duffy mash-up). Anyways, here are some of her tracks, hope you enjoy them. They’re fun, catchy, and sure to make you check out her other work.

Tracks after the jump!

Zowie – Broken Machine

Zowie – Love Demolition

Official Website



One Response to “Your Next Big Artist: Zowie”

  1. hudsonka January 21, 2011 at 10:35 am #

    This is great! I love her now! You guys should tweet this post at her @iamzowie!

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