NFL Week 15 Predictions

18 Dec


Last Week: Greg 11-5 (86-50)   Genesis 9-7 (80-56)   Andrew 10-6 (46-32)

1pm Games Sunday:

Kansas City Chiefs AT St Louis Rams

Greg’s Pick: Kansas City Chiefs. As well as the Rams play at home, with Cassel back, I have to go with the Chiefs, especially in a must win situation to keep the Chargers back.

Gen’s pick: Kansas City Chiefs. As much as I want to give the Rams the advantage, since they have a much more experienced RB, the Chiefs pretty much have perfected their running game. I don’t know if the Rams will be able to contain them.

Buffalo Bills AT Miami Dolphins

Greg’s Pick: Miami Dolphins. I really don’t know who could win this game, but the Buffalo run defense is horrendous, maybe Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams can finally show up?

Gen’s pick: Miami Dolphins. It’s a game nobody cares about so why should I?

Cleveland Browns AT Cincinnati Bengals

Greg’s Pick: Cleveland Browns. The Bengals are on a mission to lose out the entire season it seems.

Gen’s pick: Cleveland Browns. What Greg said.

The rest of the picks after the jump!

Houston Texans AT Tennessee Titans

Greg’s Pick: Houston Texans. This is a tough game to pick. Both teams have been struggling. But the Texans have been in a lot more games than the Titans.

Gen’s pick: Houston Texans. The Titans have imploded, so there’s no reason to pick them until next season.

Philadelphia Eagles AT New York Giants

Greg’s Pick: Philadelphia Eagles. Another game that could go either way, but I think Eli is due for a lack-luster performance right?

Gen’s pick: Philadelphia Eagles. After almost losing to the Cowboys last week, dare I say the Eagles are starting to wear out? Regardless, they’ll win, but probably slightly.

Detroit Lions AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Greg’s Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Last week I called that Lions win, pretty proud of myself. This week however, they travel down South to the Bucs, who will quickly dismantle them. Freeman will be able to elude the rush with his legs as he gets better every week.

Gen’s pick: Tampa Bay Baccaneers. The Buccs are one of the most underrated teams, so they’ll definitely manhandle a terrible Lions team.

New Orleans Saints AT Baltimore Ravens

Greg’s Pick: New Orleans Saints. The Ravens very well could not be in the playoffs this year, they are playing poor and their defense showed signs of being worn down last week by the Texans. The Saints offense is even more explosive than the Texans — should make for an interesting game.

Gen’s pick: New Orleans Saints. To make a mountain out of a mole hill, THE RAVENS ARE SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL! But seriously, their recent struggles won’t bode well against the Saints.

Arizona Cardinals AT Carolina Panthers

Greg’s Pick: Arizona Cardinals. Oh God, not these two teams again…

Gen’s pick: Carolina Panthers. Cardinals suck this year, but they’ll be better with McNabb as their QB next year.

Washington Redskins AT Dallas Cowboys

Greg’s Pick: Dallas Cowboys. Who would’ve predicted it’d be a battle between Jon Kitna and Sexy Rexy? Either way, who’s the fool who picsk Washington this week…anyone?

Gen’s pick: Washington Redskins. Me.

Jacksonville Jaguars AT Indianapolis Colts

Greg’s Pick: Indianapolis Colts. There’s no way the Colts are actually this bad, but if they don’t win this game, they are out of the playoffs! Must win situation, take the Colts.

Gen’s pick: Indianapolis Colts. A hurt/struggling Colts won’t fall prey to the Jaguars. Plus when it comes to nature, I think a colt can outrun a jaguar, right?

4pm Games:

Atlanta Falcons AT Seattle Seahawks

Greg’s Pick: Atlanta Falcons. Seahawks do play well at home, but then again, they just let the 49ers put up 40 on them. Meanwhile, Atlanta is working their way to a Superbowl run.

Gen’s pick: Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta is well on their way to the playoffs.

New York Jets AT Pittsburgh Steelers

Greg’s Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers. If the Jets lose this game, they could be on their way out of the playoffs, the Ravens, Colts, Jaguars, KC with the Chargers coming on strong – who knows what could happen. I wonder if Sanchise will get benched this game..

Gen’s pick: Pittsburgh Steelers. I don’t know, the way Sandcheese has been playing recently…a win against the Steelers doesn’t seem all that realistic.

Denver Broncos AT Oakland Raiders

Greg’s Pick: Oakland Raiders. Can anyone really trust the Broncos now? What is wrong with that franchise?

Gen’s pick: Oakland Raiders. Denver lost to Arizona, soooo…..

Sunday Night Football, 8:20p

Green Bay Packers AT New England Patriots

Greg’s Pick: New England Patriots. Tom Brady hasn’t lost at home in three years. (let’s see what excuse Andrew comes up with this week not to pick them)

Gen’s pick: New England Patriots. The Pats are scary to watch – especially at home.

Monday Night Football, 8:30p

Chicago Bears AT Minnesota Vikings

Greg’s Pick: Minnesota Vikings. I am mainly picking them because I think they deserve to win because it would be cooler (get it?) for them to win outdoors at home.

Gen’s pick: Chicago Bears. Because Greg attempted that “joke.”


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