Merry Christmas, German Children! You Get a Sh**ty Game

13 Dec

Literally. It seems the people in Germany have been able to out-German themselves again and create, possibly, one of the weirdest children’s game ever. How do you play ‘Kackel Dackel‘ you say? Well here are the rules:

Step 1. Form and load a modeling compound (Play-Doh) poop pellet in the dog’s mouth.

Step 2. Position your pooper scooper under the dog’s butt.

Step 3. Roll the die. Squeeze the leash lever the number of times indicated on the die. Each squeeze pushes air into the dog, forcing the poop through his system. If you’re lucky, collect poop as it drops out the other end!

The first person to collect three poops on his shovel wins. Be careful though. Some die rolls make you skip a turn while others let another player trade scoopers with you.

“Wait, did you guys say poop?” Yes. Yes we did. And if you don’t believe us, here’s the commercial!:

Danke Scheiße, Germany. You are unbelievable.


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