NFL Week 14 Predictions

9 Dec

Donald Driver with the play of the week (and awesome uniforms)

Last Week: Greg 11-5 (75-45)   Genesis 11-5 (71-49)   Andrew 11-5 (36-26)


Thursday, Dec. 9, 8:20 PM:

Indianapolis Colts AT Tennessee Titans

Andrew’s pick: Indianapolis Colts. Injuries have reduced both of these teams from brutually efficient to mediocre. The Titans have great offensive weapons but no one to pass the ball, whereas the Colts have Peyton Manning but no one to pass it to. Colts win this one but will be on the outside of the playoffs.

Greg’s Pick: Indianapolis Colts. I have picked them every game in this losing streak (minus the Pats) with the same reasoning — surely the Colts couldn’t lose again right?

Gen’s pick: Indianapolis Colts. Seriously, I don’t know what’s going on with this team. Hopefully they’ll use the discombobulated Titans as a stepping stone towards the right, and winning, direction.

Sunday, Dec. 12, 1:00 PM:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers AT Washington Redskins

Andrew’s pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Redskins ruin my Sunday week after week. I haven’t really seen anything that looks promising other than Brandon Banks. The Redskins will make the Buccaneers look like the ’07 Patriots (yes, when the Patriots beat the Redskins 52-7).

Greg’s Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And Andrew is depressed. LOOK WHAT YOU DID REDSKINS! But yeah, Tampa will win.

Gen’s pick: Washington Redskins. Because I’m an idiot.

Cleveland Browns AT Buffalo Bills

Andrew’s pick: Cleveland Browns. After starting 1 and 5, Eric Mangini is offering up another career saving push as he keeps the Browns from the bottom of the AFC North. Luckily, he’ll get some help from Brown’s surprising defense and the sad Buffalo Bills.

Greg’s Pick: Buffalo Bills. The Browns usually collapse at the end of the season, and while they have looked better this year, they haven’t looked great. But then again, no one cares about this game.

Gen’s pick: Cleveland Browns. This team is so confusing to me. Are they going to win this week? They’re playing a team that’s 2 – 10, so yeah, I think they might. Maybe. Gosh – I don’t know…

New York Giants AT Minnesota Vikings

Andrew’s pick: New York Giants. Both teams are coming off games that make them look damn good, but that’s more of an insult the teams they played. This will be a test to see if the Vikings really have turned a corner after firing Brad Childress or if it’s just more of the same. Hint: I’m guessing more of the same.

Greg’s Pick: Minnesota Vikings. Too bad they didn’t fire Childress back in week 3 or something! I think this should be a very intriguing game. Unlike the Redskins last week, the Vikings actually have a great run defense, Eli will have to win this one. The big question mark is the quarterback for the Vikes — who do you prepare for Giants?

Gen’s pick: New York Giants. You know, as much as I want to believe the hype that was sort of maybe started last week when the Vikings won a game decisively, I think I’m going to have to go with the Giants defense. If Favre plays, he’s going to get hurt again because the Giants defense will get him eventually. And they’ll get him hard. If they start Tarvaris Jackson, well, the Giants’ secondary will take advantage of his inexperience. So…lose, lose.

Green Bay Packers AT Detroit Lions

Andrew’s pick: Green Bay Packers. The Lions are up and coming for sure, especially if that douche Matthew Stafford can stay healthy, but until then the Packers are the team to beat in the NFC North.

Greg’s Pick: Detroit Lions. Yeah it’s a wild card pick, but this is a potential “trap game” as the Packers could be looking ahead to the Patriots next week.

Gen’s pick: Green Pay Packers. Greg, you’re a dummy.

Oakland Raiders AT Jacksonville Jaguars

Andrew’s pick: Jacksonville Jaguars. I don’t know about this pick, the Raiders just dominated a red hot San Diego team while on the road, so it wouldn’t be a stretch for them to do the same against the Jaguars, but it’s Oakland and they can never been relied upon. I’m going with the Jags at home but really it’s a toss-up.

Greg’s Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars. Raiders are coming off a huge win, but have to travel to the east coast, where historically West-coast teams have not done well. Either way, I am uninterested in this game. The NFL does plan to have good games this week right?

Gen’s pick: Oakland Raiders. Why not…

Cincinnati Bengals AT Pittsburgh Steelers

Andrew’s pick: Pittsburgh Steelers. I know that last year the Bengals swept the Steelers, but considering the Bengals haven’t won a game since week 3, I’m going to go with the chance of them winning this game are slim to none.

Greg’s Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers. I think this will be a close game, the Steelers really need to figure out their offense quick. The Bengals are bound to win one game right? The Bengals last win was week 3 — to the Panthers (ouch).

Gen’s pick: Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are a scary team and the Bengals can’t seem to get a win.

Atlanta Falcons AT Carolina Panthers

Andrew’s pick: Atlanta Falcons. There’s not much to talk about here. The Panthers have only won one game this year and have the worst ranked offense. I’m pretty sure at this point they don’t want to ruin the chances of them getting the first pick in the draft.

Greg’s Pick: Atlanta Falcons. This game could get really ugly. The Falcons are playing lights out and the NFC favorite while the Panthers are going the opposite way.

Gen’s pick: Atlanta Falcons. Just read everyone else’s negative comments regarding the Panthers.

New England Patriots AT Chicago Bears

Andrew’s pick: Chicago Bears. I’m smelling upset here for some reason. The Bears can get after the quarterback with just their front four which will leave Brady shaken… but not stirred (oh yeah… that just happened). Although the Pats defense played big against the easily confused Mark Sanchez the Bears seem to be in rthyme at the right time of the year. Overall, I think this will be an exciting game.

Greg’s Pick: New England Patriots. I could see the Pats coming down into this game off the high of beating the Jets. However, they are very good mentally at preparation – Brady is playing some of the best ball I’ve ever seen him play. This will be an exciting game – and I will never forget this moment.

Gen’s pick: New England Patriots. I just can’t see the inconsistent Bears beating the ever so consistent Patriots…

Sunday, Dec. 12, 4:05 PM:

Seattle Seahawks AT San Francisco 49ers

Andrew’s pick: Seattle Seahawks. Remember the first time these two played each other? That was crazy! Unfortunately for the 49ers that seemed to permenately hinder them from ever getting back on track and claiming their rightful spot atop of the terrible NFC West. This is a remption game for Alex Smith and Mike Singletary, so I can only imagine that it will blow up in their face and everyone will be out of a job. PS – 49ers fans, remember when you could have Aaron Rodgers?

Greg’s Pick: San Francisco 49ers. So we are at one good game this week so far?

Gen’s pick: Seattle Seahawks. They had a pretty big win last wee….Oh what am I saying..I don’t care about this game.

St. Louis Rams AT New Orleans Saints

Andrew’s pick: New Orleans Saints. New Orleans has put up 30 or more points in their last four games. With Pierre Thomas returning adding further depth to the Saint’s offensive power, I don’t see the Rams getting above .500 this week.

Greg’s Pick: New Orleans Saints. This is a huge game for the Rams, for them to be taken seriously, they must win this game. But they won’t.

Gen’s pick: New Orleans Saints. Again, as much as I want success for the Rams, the Saints are most likely going to win this one. Decisively? I honestly don’t think so, but a win.

Sunday, Dec. 12, 4:15 PM:

Denver Broncos AT Arizona Cardinals

Andrew’s pick: Denver Broncos. I wonder how mad Josh McDanials will be when he is sitting at home watching the Broncos destroy the powerpuff Cardinals.

Greg’s Pick: Denver Broncos. The Cardinals are just in shambles…but so are the Broncos. Every other team who fired their coach this season won their first game.

Gen’s pick: Denver Broncos. NEWWW MANAGEMENT ALERT!!! Which broken team wants it more??!

Miami Dolphins AT New York Jets

Andrew’s pick: New York Jets. This game reminds me of someone who takes a lot of guff at work and comes how to beat up someone in their family. The Jets took a beating in Foxborough, so now they’re going home to kick the crap out of Miami.

Greg’s Pick: New York Jets. You know the Jets are not very good, they are 1-4 against teams with an above .500 record. That being said, the Dolphins cannot figure out how to run their offense at all. And with no production coming from Brown or Williams, could get ugly.

Gen’s pick: New York Jets. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets win this in huge margins. After this Monday’s flop of a game, the Jets are going to come back strong and hard – or face the wrath of Rex.

Kansas City Chiefs AT San Diego Chargers

Andrew’s pick: San Diego Chargers. If San Diego thought they had their hands full with Oakland’s rushing attack, they better shape up quickly before the Chiefs come into town. Luckily, that’s all the Chiefs have going for them so I think San Diego will be able to right their ship in time for the playoffs.

Greg’s Pick: Kansas City Chiefs. Cassel could be out with his appendicitis surgery, either way, the Chiefs have the 1-2 tandem in the backfield to destroy the Chargers defense and reap off their mistakes.

Gen’s pick: San Diego Chargers. They’re at home, so I guess that’s ok…and they should be embarrassed by that loss to Oakland…so, that should be good…how’s their run defense?

Sunday, Dec. 12, 8:20 PM :

Philadelphia Eagles AT Dallas Cowboys

Andrew’s pick: Philadelphia Eagles. Despite losing their starting quarterback and firing their headcoach, Dallas has been able to put up as many wins in three weeks as they have in the first 10. That being said, with Dez Bryant out for the rest of the season, the Cowboys will lose a substantial amount of explosiveness on offense. The Eagles however, seem to be doing just fine and I would be surprise if the Dallas defense (who gave up 21 points to Peyton Manning and Co in the 4th quarter) will be able to slow down the Eagles’ late season roll.

Greg’s Pick: Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles should be able to recover from their poor play last week. I totally agree with Andrew, with Dez out for the season, Roy Williams will not be able to carry the team.

Gen’s pick: Philadelphia Eagles. Please dear Lord, shut these Dallas fans up.

Monday, Dec. 13, 8:30 PM :

Baltimore Ravens AT Houston Texans

Andrew’s pick: Baltimore Ravens. I’m pretty sure the Ravens are going to be really pissed after being frustrated offensively by the Steelers defense. After scoring a touchdown in the first half they only managed three points for the rest of the game, while the defense allowed 10 in the final quarter to lose 13-10. That’s rough. The Texans haven’t put up much of a fight on defense and will struggle against the Raven’s defense.

Greg’s Pick: Houston Texans. This is one of the first big night games in primetime the Texans have ever had — and at home! They will come out pumped up and ready to roll. The Ravens offense is struggling to get just about anything going. Look for the Texans offense to be clicking.

Gen’s pick: Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are going to shut down Arian Foster. This leaves them to work on their secondary defense, which can struggle at times. Up against a desperate Texans team, it could be dangerous, but I can see the Ravens coming out on top.


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