NFL Week 13 Predictions

2 Dec

Last Week: Greg 10-3 (64-40)   Genesis 8-5 (60-44)   Andrew DNF (25-21)

Thursday Night Football: 8:20pm

Houston Texans AT Philadelphia Eagles

Andrew’s pick: Philadelphia Eagles. The Texans can’t stop anyone from passing on them, and the way Vick has been slinging the pig skin, you know he’s going to have a big day.

Greg’s Pick: Philadelphia Eagles. After looking sloppy last week against the Bears, Vick goes up against one of the worst passing defenses in the league. Look for Andre Johnson to be back in full force redemption mode! Could be a shoot out game!

Gen’s pick: Philadelphia Eagles. Although they had that surprising loss last week against the hot and cold Bears, the Eagles will bounce back agains the Texans. Although the Texans are a strong team, I think the Eagles will be just a little better this time around.

Sunday Football: 1:00pm games

Buffalo Bills AT Minnesota Vikings

Andrew’s pick: Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have had a talented team all year, but it seems as though they weren’t trying to play for Tobias anymore (although the Redskins can make anyone look good just ask that punk Matthew Stafford). With Favre playing the way he wants, he should be able to stay ahead of the poor Bills.

Greg’s Pick: Minnesota Vikings. Sure the Bills have been in just about every game and should have beat the Steelers last week, but this game is at Minnesota, so I’ll take the home team.

Gen’s pick: Minnesota Vikings. The Bills? I mean, they could beat the Vikings, but I don’t think they will. And that’s about…it…

The rest of the picks after the jump!

Cleveland Browns AT Miami Dolphins

Andrew’s pick: Clevenland Browns. I honestly couldn’t care less about this game but the Browns have more options at quarterback than the Dolphins and

Greg’s Pick: Miami Dolphins. The Browns will not be able to stop the Dolphins rushing attack.

Gen’s pick: Cleveland Browns. Obviously everyone is really into this pick – I mean, Andrew didn’t even finish his train of thought. So let’s go Browns because they beat other teams and junk…so yeah…

Jacksonville Jaguars AT Tennessee Titans

Andrew’s pick: Jacksonville Jaguars. If Kerry comes back for this game than things could be different but until then, the Titans have had difficulty stopping opposing tight ends, and with Marcedes Lewis being the touchtown catching tight end he is, the Titans might not be able to get themselves out of this one.

Greg’s Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars. The Titans are in a free-fall.

Gen’s pick: Jacksonville Jaguars. I was foolish to think that the Titans would win last week without Young and the drama, but I guess I was wrong. They’re in a tailspin and I don’t think they’ll be able to pull it out before the end of the season.

Washington Redskins AT New York Giants

Andrew’s pick: Washington Redskins. I believe. I believe. I BE-LIEVE!!!!!!!!

Greg’s Pick: New York Giants. You know the Redskins could be good, but they just aren’t. The Giants already fell for the trap game against the Cowboys a couple weeks ago, I don’t see it happening again.

Gen’s pick: Washington Redskins. Because, well, I’m an idiot.

San Francisco 49ers AT Green Bay Packers

Andrew’s pick: Green Bay Packers. Who in their right mind would pick the 49ers on the road in this game? Who I ask you who!?

Greg’s Pick: San Francisco 49ers. Yes I know the Packers are playing lights out right now — but I like the way San Fran has been playing lately to pull out a win here.

Gen’s pick: Green Bay Packers. Green Bay all the whey.

New Orleans Saints AT Cincinnati Bengals

Andrew’s pick: New Orleans Saints. I’m glad the Saints have finally hit their stride. They’re in a tough division and need to keep the wins coming to make it into the playoffs.

Greg’s Pick: New Orleans Saints. It doesn’t get much easier for the Bengals this week either. With the Saints in full offense mode again, this game could be a blowout against the Bengals once again.

Gen’s pick: New Orleans Saints. A) The Saints have gotten their swing back and B) The Bengals are awful this year.

Chicago Bears AT Detroit Lions

Andrew’s pick: Chicago Bears. I’m tempted to pick the Lions because I truly believe they will be one of the better teams in the league in the next year or two, but right now I’m not 100% on their quarterback situation so if Cutler keeps playing the way he has been, then this will be a good win for the Bears.

Greg’s Pick: Chicago Bears. Lions at home could be difficult for the Bears, but it’s tough to pick against them after what they did last week.

Gen’s pick: Detroit Lions. I think Suh will have a big game today, and we know what happens when Cutler gets flustered.

Denver Broncos AT Kansas City Chiefs

Andrew’s pick: Kansas City Chiefs. I was going to pick the Broncos with the tagline, let’s keep this division interesting…. but I just don’t see them winning this game.

Greg’s Pick: Kansas City Chiefs. The Broncos are so inconsistent it’s difficult to pick them regularly. So I’m going with the hot hands of Cassel and Bowe.

Gen’s pick: Kansas City Chiefs. Remember when these two teams played the first time? Well I don’t think that blowout will happen again. And if it does, that’s just embarrassing for the Chiefs.

Sunday Football 4:00pm games:

Oakland Raiders AT San Diego Chargers

Andrew’s pick: San Diego Chargers. It’s December, you would be stupid to pick against the Chargers after November (until they play the Patriots in the playoffs and lose. Every year guys! Get it together or stop trying!)

Greg’s Pick: San Diego Chargers. You could make an argument the Chargers are the hottest team in the league right now, and if not for special teams blunders early in the season could be 9-2. And with Philip Rivers on an MVP run, I expect the Chargers to win this one.

Gen’s pick: San Diego Chargers. The Chargers are another team that’s finally hitting their stride in the second half of the season. Although Oakland gave them a run for their money during their first game against each other, I don’t think the improved Chargers will let that happen again.

Atlanta Falcons AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Andrew’s pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I am seriously an Atlanta hater. Maybe it’s because it’s not the safe zone everyone thought it was going to be and it got overrun by zombies!! Oh wait…

Greg’s Pick: Atlanta Falcons. They have proved themselves week after week.

Gen’s pick: Atlanta Falcons. Whether on the road or at home, the Falcons pick their opponents apart every week. I can see them doing that against the Bucs for sure.

St Louis Rams AT Arizona Cardinals

Andrew’s pick: St. Louis Rams. What a crappy situation the Cardinals are in. Could you imagine if you were Ken Whisenhunt in the beginning of the year and you had to pick between a douche and a turd sandwhich to be your starting quarterback, and no one wanted to trade with you?

Greg’s Pick: St Louis Rams. After Derek Anderson’s melt down last week, I don’t really expect anything from the Cardinals…at all (poor Larry Fitzgerald).

Gen’s pick: St. Louis Rams. An embarrassing loss on national TV, a meltdown by their QB, and just a poor team in general, the Cardinals better figure out what they’re going to do next year without Larry Fitzgerald, because you know that guy’s trying leave.

Carolina Panthers AT Seattle Seahawks

Andrew’s pick: Seattle Seahawks. Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooo cares!?!

Greg’s Pick: Seattle Seahawks. A home game against a rookie qb, back-up running back, and awful defense.

Gen’s pick: Seattle Seahawks. Please see Andrew’s reasoning. That is all.

Dallas Cowboys AT Indianapolis Colts

Andrew’s pick: Indianapolis Colts. Woah, the Colts are suddenly in danger of not making the playoffs (thank you incredibly tough AFC). This will either humble Payton Manning or he will freak out and eat Jeff Saturday’s heart.

Greg’s Pick: Indianapolis Colts. Surely they can’t lose three games in a row (two straight at home)…right?

Gen’s pick: Indianapolis Colts. I absolutely hate it when the Cowboys win and the NFL is back on their nuts. I hope the Colts destroy the Cowboys offensively and defensively.

Sunday Night Football 8:20pm:

Pittsburgh Steelers AT Baltimore Ravens

Andrew’s pick: Pittsburgh Steelers. I’m 50/50 on this game. Two tough defenses, two pretty solid offenses. It could go either way, just depends on who messes up the most.

Greg’s Pick: Baltimore Ravens. Big Ben is going into this game with a broken foot – look for a lot of blitzes to come. Crowd is going to be rocking!

Gen’s pick: Pittsburgh Steelers. This is pretty much the same team going against each other. But the fact the Ben Rapistburgers is a big mofo that’s tough to take down, will help agains the Ravens defense. Perhaps we’ll see a shootout? The answer is most likely.

Monday Night Football 8:30pm:

New York Jets AT New England Patriots

Andrew’s pick: New York Jets. I have to be honest, I am still questioning the Randy Moss move. I just don’t understand it. It’s not like New England couldn’t have just added Deion Branch (they have millions of draft picks) so why drop someone that would open up passing lanes underneath!? I swear though, if the Patriots actually lose and a reporter asks Tom Brady if he thinks Rex Ryan and the Jet’s defense “confused him” like they said they would, I hope Tom Brady slaps that reporter. That’s a dumb question, and they should be slapped.

Greg’s Pick: New England Patriots. Tom Brady hasn’t lost at home in three years.

Gen’s pick: New York Jets. I imagine this game to be a boxing match between a little scrapper who can fight taking on the refined gentlemen that still does that weird boxing stance with the arms out front. Well in many cases, it’s just that. From the coaching to the players, each team takes on their role and playing style to heart. I expect the Jets to come out strong defensively and use a lot of trickery in their offense. I also expect the Pats to throw those long balls. But I see the Jets coming out with a win.


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