NASA Finds New Alien Life — On Earth?!

2 Dec

First off — this already looks like an artist’s rendering of an alien planet, but no, this is Lake Mono, California — EARTH. NASA had been teasing their big announcement for a couple days now, only saying it regarded new life findings. Well today at 2pm EST they will hold a press conference on their findings — only it’s already leaked.

NASA have discovered a completely new form of life that is also completely different from anything else on Earth — “changing everything.”

More details after the jump!

NASA scientist Felisa Wolfe Simon will announce today that they have found a bacteria whose DNA is completely alien to what we know today. Instead of using phosphorus, the bacteria uses arsenic (say what?!). Every living thing on Earth share the same building blocks of our DNA, made up of six components: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur — except this new bacteria!

Discovered in the poisonous Lake Mono, California, this bacteria is made of arsenic, something that was thought to be completely impossible. Now that it IS possible, NASA can reach out and explore more planets that aren’t like Earth at all for possible life!

It’s a pretty big time for NASA right now – finding a whole bunch more Red Dwarf suns (possible sun to produce another Earth), possible life on Titan, Space Shuttle launch soon, and now a completely new alien life on Earth itself. Make sure to watch the full announcement from NASA at 2pm.


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