Monday Music Madness: “More” – Usher & “Angel” – Akon

29 Nov

More – Usher

Well folks, we have another hit on our hands here. Recently, Usher has established himself to be the dancefloor king by providing us with his current hit DJ Got Us Falling In Love, which has been blowing up the charts and the clubs/bars. His new single, “More,” provides us with more dance fuel. Now I’m not sure if the version below is what’s on his album, because this one sounds more “dance-y,” but I do know for a fact it was produced by RedOne, who’s pretty much provided Lady GaGa with her sound. So don’t get fancy and just get dancy with “More”:

Like this song? Get Usher’s album, Raymond v Raymond, out now.

Keep reading for more songs!

Angel – Akon

Honestly, all of his songs sound the same now. But whatever, it’s still going to get played on the radio. Akon has a new single out that’s supposed to debut during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on November 30th. It’s his first single off of his new album, which I’m assuming is going to be filled with “club” type music too. This song is your standard repetative, bass thumping, electronic supersonic pop single. So if you’re completely into that music, you’re good to go. Check out “Angel” below:

Like this song? Look out for Akon’s new album, Stadium Music, dropping sometime in the future.


Kush (feat. Snoop Dogg & Akon) – Dr. Dre

Considering it seems he’s sold out (making Dr. Pepper and computer commercials), I’m surprised Dre has come out with a song that’s reminiscent of his old “g-funk” music. In fact, to make sure that people got that it’s something he would do back in the day, he got Snoop Dogg to lay down a verse too. Alright alright, I’ll bite. And after listening to it, I’m glad I did. From the piano/strings in the beat and the weed-driven verses and a simple enough hook, provided by Akon, this song screams late 90’s West Coast hip-hop and that’s awesome. So check out “Kush” below:

Like this song? Be on the lookout for Dre’s highly anticipated album, Detox, dropping in December (maybe).

Hoes & Ladies (feat. Smoke [of Field Mob]) – T-Wayne (T-Pain x Lil Wayne)

This is possibly one of the dirtiest songs I’ve ever heard, but I guess with the title “Hoes & Ladies,” what did I expect. There’ just something about T-Wayne (T-Pain and Lil Wayne) that makes this song awesome. Is it the beat? The ridiculousness of this song? The fact they call themselves T-Wayne? Whatever it is, I can’t stop listening to this song. This sexually driven song will never make it on the radio, but I sure do hope it makes it to the clubs. Because if it does, and I’m there, I’m going to be the first one yelling “All my ladies say ho! And all my hoes say ladies!” I promise you that. So feel all dirty inside and check out “Hoes & Ladies”:

Like this song? Check out T-Pain’s new album, prEVOLVEr, dropping soon-ish.


One Response to “Monday Music Madness: “More” – Usher & “Angel” – Akon”

  1. me December 1, 2010 at 1:11 am #

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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