NFL Week 12 Predictions

28 Nov

Last Week: Greg 9-6 (54-37)    Genesis: 11-4 (52-39)    Andrew DNF (25-21)

Week 12: 1pm Games

Jacksonville Jaguars AT New York Giants

Greg’s Pick: New York Giants. Although both teams are pretty inconsistent, but I think that the Giants are the better team here…

Gen’s pick: New York Giants. Back to back divisional games have not been kind to the G-men. The Jags seem to rely strictly on their running game, so we’ll see if the Giants’ defense can stop the run.

Pittsburgh Steelers AT Buffalo Bills

Greg’s Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers. Although the Bills have played well and showed a lot of heart coming back and dismantling the Bengals, the Steelers are too much coming into town.

Gen’s pick: Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bills, coming off of an impressive two win streak! (yes, that’s loaded with so much sarcasm) will find themselves overwhelmed by the Steelers’ offense and defense. Nom nom nom for Ben Rapistburger and his team.

Minnesota Vikings AT Washington Redskins

Greg’s Pick: Minnesota Vikings. Maybe I’m just banking on the Vikings playing better/pumped for a new coach they love, or maybe I’m just crazy. Both these teams are having some internal issues — should be an interesting game though.

Gen’s pick: Washington Redskins. Rumor has it Favre called Jay Cutler and challenged him. He apparently said that he can throw more interceptions to DeAngelo Hall this week than Cutler’s 4 when the Skins played the Bears. Cutler hung up the phone, put on his fitted cap, and cried. Favre hung up the phone and took a pic of his wang.

Carolina Panthers AT Cleveland Browns

Greg’s Pick: Cleveland Browns. The Browns are still playing well and man o man they should’ve beat the Jets! But I mean, the Panther’s quarterback was a stay at home Dad two weeks ago, what can you expect from this team? Nothing.

Gen’s pick: Cleveland Browns. The doo doo Browns won against really good teams, then almost won against the Jags. I don’t think they will be bothered too much by the disorganized/awful team that is the Panthers.

The rest of the picks after the jump!

Green Bay Packers AT Atlanta Falcons

Greg’s Pick: Atlanta Falcons. The game is in Atlanta — where the Falcons are a completely different team and dominate. Both team are playing great football right now and this could be a future NFC Championship game matchup, I’m excited for this game!

Gen’s pick: Atlanta Falcons. If they’re at home, they win. It’s not going to be a dominant win. In fact, I’m feeling a shootout here.

Tennessee Titans AT Houston Texans

Greg’s Pick: Houston Texans. Which team is in more decline? The Texans will be starting a third string qb this game. I wonder how Moss is feeling now…

Gen’s pick: Tennessee Titans. Can someone say draaamaaa? Well despite that, I think having Moss, although he didn’t do a single thing during the Skins game, will open up the lanes again for Chris Johnson again. So even if Young doesn’t play, they can always count on their running back. Run run reindeer, the lane is yours.

4pm Games:

Kansas City Chiefs AT Seattle Seahawks

Greg’s Pick: Kansas City Chiefs. If this were a normal NFL  year, the Chiefs would win because they are the better team, however it’s not, and just about any team can win because of the inconsistency. The Chiefs should win, but I won’t be surprised if the Seahawks pull it out at home.

Gen’s pick: Seattle Seahawks. You know what, they’re at home, so why not. The Chiefs mainly run the ball and although the Seahawks don’t have the most amazing run defense, I think it’ll do just enough to pull out a win.

Miami Dolphins AT Oakland Raiders

Greg’s Pick: Oakland Raiders. Both these teams are coming off AWFUL offensive games. But Thigpen just doesn’t have the skills to lead his team to victory.

Gen’s pick: Miami Dolphins. This game can go either way. Let’s just say Miami wins off of bad passes from J-Camp.

Philadelphia Eagles AT Chicago Bears

Greg’s Pick: Chicago Bears. Weird pick I know, I have no faith in the Bears at all, but the game is outside, in a cold Chicago — and Vick has been known to struggle in cold weather scenarios.

Gen’s pick: Philadelphia Eagles. Vick > Cutler.

St Louis Rams AT Denver Broncos

Greg’s Pick: Denver Broncos. Strictly because they are at home, but I have no idea really.

Gen’s pick: St. Louis Rams. The Broncos may be better at home and may be 3 – 0 against divisional opponents, but the inconsistency of that team and Sam Brandford’s performances can not be overlooked in my opinion.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers AT Baltimore Ravens

Greg’s Pick: Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens have gotten things under control and are playing good ball lately, and I still don’t believe in the Bucs.

Gen’s pick: Baltimore Ravens. Oh man, this might be a good game to watch. I’ll give it to the Ravens by the tiniest of margins.

Sunday Night Football: 8:20pm:

San Diego Chargers AT Indianapolis Colts

Greg’s Pick: Indianapolis Colts. Once again, the Chargers decide to show up mid-way through the season — but I don’t see the Colts losing two in a row, especially back at home.

Gen’s pick: Indianapolis Colts. Again, for me, this is one of those games that can go either way. But after an “embarassing” three picks last week, I see Payton coming back strong in this game.

Monday Night Football, 8:30pm:

San Francisco 49ers AT Arizona Cardinals

Greg’s Pick: San Francisco 49ers. So many things are wrong with this game, the MNF crew sure messed up in picking this one!! The 49ers are like the Browns a few years back after they drafted Brady Quinn and had so much hype – way too many night games were given to them. So now we get to see the overrated/under-performing(?) 49ers take on an awful Cardinals team — great.

Gen’s pikc: San Francisco 49ers. This game is going to be stupid. No need to stay up late for this one folks, it’s probably going to suck.


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