NFL 2010: Week Eleven Predictions

20 Nov


Last week: Greg (9-5)  –  Genesis (6-8)  –  Andrew (DNF)

Week 11: 1pm games

Buffalo Bills AT Cincinnati Bengals

Greg’s Pick: Cincinnati Bengals. The Bills have won their first game (per my prediction!) and the Bengals have lost like 6 in a row or something? Either way, the Bengals are the better team and finally end the streak.
Gen’s pick: Cincinnati Bengals. I keep trying to pull for this team, but gosh, their lackluster performances are not helping.

Oakland Raiders AT Pittsburgh Steelers

Greg’s Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers. Following a beat down from the Pats last week, the Steelers will come out focused — even if the Raiders are ‘all hands on deck’ for this game.
Gen’s pick: Pittsburgh Steelers. As much as I want to see a random team like Oakland beat Pittsburgh, I’m going to have to think with my brain and not my heart here and say Ben the Rapist and the rest of the Stillers are going to win.

Arizona Cardinals AT Kansas City Chiefs

Greg’s Pick: Kansas City Chiefs. I still don’t like/care about the Cardinals. Their offense is just horrendous. Going up a young fast Chiefs defense could make this game ugly, especially at home.

Gen’s pick: Kansas City Chiefs. After they said bye bye to Kurt Warner, the Cards just doesn’t seem to have the same umph to their offense they had that one year they went to the Super Bowl (accidentally). So I’m going with the other team here, boss.

Keep reading for the rest of the picks!

Cleveland Browns AT Jacksonville Jaguars

Greg’s Pick: Cleveland Browns. In the Browns past three games they have beaten the Saints and the Pats, and lost to the Jets in overtime in the final seconds.

Gen’s pick: Cleveland Browns. Greg makes a great point, this team has won against two teams in dominant fashion and almost pulled off a win against this years “it” team. So they’re definitely going to have what it takes to win against the Jags, as long as they stop that run game.

Houston Texans AT New York Jets

Greg’s Pick: Houston Texans. The Texans have an awful pass defense, and while the Jets Sanchise is starting to show signs of improvement, it won’t be enough – especially since the Jets defense hasn’t lived up to the hype this season.

Gen’s pick: New York Jets. As I mentioned above, the Jets are this year’s “it” team. They’re definitely better and the Texans have been inconsistent all of a sudden, so I’m going for the team that looks better on paper.

Washington Redskins AT Tennessee Titans

Greg’s Pick: Tennessee Titans. How do you recover from the beat down the Redskins took last week on national television? I mean even Dan Snyder was suffering from depression and was in his pajamas the entire next day. I expect the Redskins to play better, but just not enough. Moss will be in full effect today.

Gen’s pick: Washington Redskins. Because I’m an idiot.

Green Bay Packers AT Minnesota Vikings

Greg’s Pick: Minnesota Vikings. Everyone is back on the Packers bandwagon after their defense is coming together. However this game is at home for the Vikings and in a must win situation, with Favre’s final game against his old team.

Gen’s pick: Green Bay Packers. I just know Favre is going to throw the ball…..right at the Green Bay defense. I would like the Vikings to score at least once though so I can hear that awesome horn they play during their home games.

Baltimore Ravens AT Carolina Panthers

Greg’s Pick: Baltimore Ravens. Do I have to justify this? If this game is close, the Ravens don’t deserve to talk anymore trash at all.

Gen’s pick: Baltimore Ravens. The Panthers have a good running back – and the Ravens have everything else that makes a good football team. Soo…..

Detroit Lions AT Dallas Cowboys

Greg’s Pick: Dallas Cowboys. After crushing the Giants last week (as I predicted!) the Cowboys face an injured Detroit team. Just stick to the same gameplan – will be interesting to see Garrett in his second game as coach.

Gen’s pick: Dallas Cowboys. God, last week’s game WAS A FLUKE! YA HEAR ME?! But yeah, they’re playing against the Lions who’s pansy QB is out (AGAIN), so the Boys’ defense should be able to keep the Lions from scoring.

Week 11: 4pm games

Atlanta Falcons AT St Louis Rams

Greg’s Pick: Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons are silently working their way into one of the best teams in the NFC, and have to win games against weaker opponents like the Rams to stay in talks for the best.

Gen’s pick: Atlanta Falcons. Again, as much as  I want great success to come upon the Rams, the Falcons are just waaaay too good. I’m surprised not enough people give this team the hype they deserve.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers AT San Francisco 49ers

Greg’s Pick: San Francisco 49ers. Troy Smith has provided a spark to this team on offense – finally someone is throwing the ball downfield to Crabtree!

Gen’s pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I don’t know anything about these two teams so I flipped a coin….true analysis and research right there, folks.

Seattle Seahawks AT New Orleans Saints

Greg’s Pick: New Orleans Saints. The game is at home, Saints are finally figuring out their offense, and Reggie Bush returns (to a minimal but effective role).

Gen’s pikc: New Orleans Saints. I hate that they’re so hot and cold sometimes. But they’re back home at the Dome and with the return of Bush, their offense can finally be the dominant force that it once was…or at least, a form of said dominant force.

Indianapolis Colts AT New England Patriots

Greg’s Pick: New England Patriots. Tom Brady hasn’t lost at home in three years.


Sunday Night, 8:20pm

New York Giants AT Philadelphia Eagles

Greg’s Pick: Philadelphia Eagles. Did you see these teams last week?

Gen’s pick: Philadelphia Eagles. Vick on the field is like a create-a-player in Madden. He’s literally maxed out at 99’s for ever attribute (except for puppy love).

Monday Night Football, 8:30pm

Denver Broncos AT San Diego Chargers

Greg’s Pick: San Diego Chargers. The Chargers are healing a few injuries, while the Broncos finally got their offense rolling again last week against the Chiefs. However this week they go against one of the top rated teams in the NFL (with one of the most mediocre records).

Gen’s pick: Denver Broncos. The Broncos did WORK against the Chiefs last week. I expect to see that carry over to this week’s game against another “hot and cold” team.


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