NFL 2010: Week Ten Predictions

13 Nov

Baltimore Ravens AT Atlanta Falcons: NFL Network – 8:20pm

Greg’s Pick: Baltimore Ravens. The Falcons want to make a statement, this is one of their first primetime games, however the Ravens seem to be clicking right now. The offense is finally moving the ball, and the defense gets Ed Reed back. Plus Roddy White is still suffering from his injury which could be a factor.

Gen’s pick: Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons never lose at home. Plus, GA is the primary location of my favorite TV at the moment, The Walking Dead.

Sunday, November 14 1pm Games:

Detroit Lions AT Buffalo Bills

Greg’s Pick: Buffalo Bills. Every week they come closer and closer to victory, only to end up with yet another heart breaking loss. Well this is the week – a banged up Shaun Hill at QB for the Lions will make a few mistakes leading to the Bills first victory of the year!

Gen’s pick: Detroit Lions. After a heartbreaking loss (thanks to Suh attempting to kick a field goal…) to the Jets, the Lions will come back strong against a weak Bills team. I don’t thin Stafford being out will affect the outcome of the game because seriously, who’s even on the Bills?

Carolina Panthers AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Greg’s Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If Tampa wants to get back into the ‘best in the NFC’ discussion, they have to beat the teams they’re supposed to beat.

Gen’s pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After getting blown out of the water last week against he Saints, I doubt the Panthers will have what it takes to go back and win against someone in their division.

Minnesota Vikings AT Chicago Bears

Greg’s Pick: Minnesota Vikings. The Bears seem to be in a free fall on the field, while the Vikings are in their own free fall off the field. Even though the players clearly hate Childress (because he is an awful coach) – the talent is there to succeed. Just hand the ball off to AP!

Gen’s pick: Minnesota Vikings. Yes, Favre is still struggling at times and the Vikings, much like the Cowboys, seem to be having some kind of mutiny against their coach, but, the Vikings have better talent to work with. I expect more sacks for Cutler this week. Tell me how dat sack taste?!

The rest of the picks after the jump!

Houston Texans AT Jacksonville Jaguars

Greg’s Pick: Houston Texans. Both these teams have been up and down all year. Houston had a chance to win last week and couldn’t pull it out. Expect them to show up focused and ready to roll.

Gen’s pick: Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags had  a bye week last week so they should be pretty rested. Plus, with 14 sacks so far this year for the Jags defense, I’m sure the Texans are going to focus more on their running game. With that being said, I’m excited to see a little Arian Foster vs. MJD action, though.

Tennessee Titans AT Miami Dolphins

Greg’s Pick: Tennessee Titans. The Randy Moss factor arrives in Miami. And the Dolphins are starting injury prone/surgery-laden Chad Pennington.

Gen’s pick: Tennessee Titans. With Vince Young having the option to throw down the field to Moss or hand it to Chris Johnson, what are the Dolphins defense going to do?? Cry probably.

Cincinnati Bengals AT Indianapolis Colts

Greg’s Pick: Indianapolis Colts. The Bengals have had a tough stretch of games here – and it doesn’t get any easier. I think Peyton could throw for over 300 yards if I was the receiver in the game, especially against a mediocre Bengal pass defense.

Gen’s pick: Indianapolis Colts. You’d think with TO and Ochocinco running around, the Bengals would be a threat downfield. But no – their season so far just proves to us that TO is still good and Ochocinco is just good at tweeting now. Plus they’ve just been struggling all season, so a win for the Colts is almost guaranteed.

New York Jets AT Cleveland Browns

Greg’s Pick: New York Jets. I REALLY want the Browns to win, but I just can’t see how Rex couldn’t take notes from last weeks destruction of the Patriots and make the adjustments. And I can’t see Colt McCoy having two career games, especially against the Jets defense.

Gen’s pick: New York Jets. They’re a better team and as much as you hate them (or love them), you have to admit, they’re a better team this year. I’m going to enjoy watching Colt McCoy run around for his life.

4pm Games:

Kansas City Chiefs AT Denver Broncos

Greg’s Pick: Kansas City Chiefs. Coming off the bye, I have forgotten about the Broncos, while the Chiefs are fun to watch. The RB duo of Jones and Charles should shred the Broncos defense.

Gen’s pick: Kansas City Chiefs. As Gregory said, people don’t even think about the Broncos this year. They’re the last in their division and Oakland is ahead of them…..Oakland. Chiefs are doing all sorts of right this year, so Chiefs win.

St Louis Rams AT San Francisco 49ers

Greg’s Pick: San Francisco 49ers. It seems that the 49ers have begun to turn themselves around and get on the right path – well they better prove it.

Gen’s pick: St. Louis Rams. You know, I like Sam Bradford. I wish him all the luck in the world so that he can make the Rams a better football team. Yes, there’s a long way to go but it seems that this year, at least, they’ve already been showing improvement. 49ers have struggled throughout the year, so I’m giving it to the Rams because they seem to suck a little less.

Seattle Seahawks AT Arizona Cardinals

Greg’s Pick: Seattle Seahawks. I really don’t even want to spend time writing anything for this game.

Gen’s pick: Seattle Seahawks. What Greg said.

Dallas Cowboys AT New York Giants

Greg’s Pick: Dallas Cowboys. I know, I’m crazy for making this pick – literally EVERYTHING is against the Cowboys right now, and with their backs against the wall, they come and show up for a HUGE win mentally.

Gen’s pick: New York Giants. Wow Greg. Just wow. Anyway, back to the REAL WORLD (AMIRIGHT GUYS!??!), the Cowboys have imploded and I can’t wait to see them go 1 – 15. The Giants are a dominant team and nobody wants to play against them. Is there a way the Cowboys can just forfeit?

Sunday Night 8:20pm:

New England Patriots AT Pittsburgh Steelers

Greg’s Pick: New England Patriots. Since the beginning of the 2003 season, New England is 18-1 (.947) in games following a loss.

Gen’s pick: Pittsburgh Steelers. As much as I hate them, the Steelers have been continually improving ever since Big Ben Rapist has gotten back. I expect this one to be a shootout and determined by a field goal.

Monday Night Football: 8:30pm

Philadelphia Eagles AT Washington Redskins

Greg’s Pick: Philadelphia Eagles. I know every single Redskins fan is DYING to get this game here already after an extremely long bye week, but unfortunately the Eagles are playing too well to be slowed down.

Gen’s pick: Washington Redskins. I just want them to win so that we can get this stupid, idiotic, boring, same news for 2 weeks, random racism discussion, and just overall annoying bye week behind us. God!


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