NFL 2010: Week Six Predictions

17 Oct

Well, another interesting week in the NFL has come and gone. Somebody guess how many Greg got right last week #LAWLZ@Idontunderstandtwitter. I bet he wishes he hasn’t gone back and tallied up the scores. Also, we’re not including Genesis’s from last week because he’s a cheater.




Sunday, Oct. 17 1:00 PM:

Cleveland Browns AT Pittsburgh Steelers – Ben Roethlisberger is making his return to the field against a Browns team that sacked him eight times the last time he played them. But the real story here is Colt McCoy making his start against the hardest defense in the NFL. That’ll be a confidence booster! Eric Mangini will probably just ease McCoy into the game by running the wildcat and making Joshua Cribbs do everything on offense. Again.

Andrew’s pick – Pittsburgh Steelers. The Browns have to overcome terrible coaching and their own issues before can even begin to try to beat the Steelers.

Greg’s Pick – Pittsburgh Steelers. With Big Ben back and the Brown struggling to find some form of offense with Colt McCoy starting, I just can’t pick them.

Gen’s pick – Pittsburgh Steelers. LET IT BE KNOWN THAT I AM NOT A CHEAT! Anyway, it’s Big Ben Rapisthambuger’s first game back and I think he’ll come out harder than ever. He won’t take no for an answer. He’ll take advantage of his situation and try to make something out of nothing. Rapist.

Detroit Lions AT New York Giants – The Lions are coming off a dominating win over St. Louis, but it was the Lions first win and against the Rams so it’s not all that impressive. Shaun Hill is in for Matt Stafford still, and although Hill hasn’t played that poorly, he will certainly have a tough time against New York’s tought defensive front. Speaking of the Giant, they are also coming off two impressive wins over the Bears and the Texans.  The biggest question for the Giants remains which Eli Manning will show up to lead the Giants offense.

Andrew’s pick – New York Giants. Maybe if the Lions were at home this game would be more of a toss-up but on the road against the tough Giants defense will be really tough to overcome.

Greg’s pick – New York Giants. So are the Giants good again?

Gen’s pick – New York Giants. Forest Gump and the rest of the Giants should be able to handle the Lions.

New Orleans Saints AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The Saints lost their second game of the year to the struggling Arizona Cardinals. This brings up a lot of questions about the saints offense – is Reggie Bush that big of an impact player? How bad is Drew Brees’s MCL injury? Do they honestly think Julius Jones is going to help then?! The Buccaneers on the other-hand  are 3-1, coming off an exciting come from behind victory against the Bengals, and are currently second in the NFC South. What a difference a year makes!

Andrew’s pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers. To be honest I don’t actually think Tampa Bay will win but I have no clue what is going on with New Orleans. Their offense is struggling and their defense isn’t providing the turn overs like last year. This might just be too tough of a division game for the Saints to win on the road.

Greg’s Pick – New Orleans Saints. I think the Saints are good? But really who knows, this could be a chance to get going.

Gen’s pick – New Orleans Saints. Yes, they’ve been struggling a lot a bit, but I think the Saints will be able to bounce back and figure out how to make their offense work without Reggie. Breesy just needs to MAINTAIN HIS COMPOSURE!!

Atlanta Falcons AT Philadelphia Eagles – Atlanta’s defense is averaging two interceptions a game and is allowing the second fewest points scored per game. Although Andy Reid hasn’t technically ruled out Vick, it seems that Kevin Kolb will definitely get the start against Vick’s old team. Without the threat of Vick, Atlanta’s defense can continue to sit back and let the ball come to them. Reid has come out and confirmed that Vick will be the starter once he’s 100% again, so expect him to get benched in favor of Kevin Kolb if Kolb has a break out game against the Falcons.

Andrew’s pick – Philadelphia Eagles.  I think this will be a good game for the Falcons to prove they are for real. A lot of Falcons fans have come out of the woods (the thought of a surprise Superbowl team is just too strong for some people), but I’m not on the bandwagon yet. If they win, maybe I will be…

Greg’s Pick – Atlanta Falcons. Unlike Andrew, I have started to believe in these Falcons a bit more. I think this game will be close though and could go either way.

Gen’s pick – Philadelphia Eagles. I would love to see Vick against the Falcons. But I’m pretty sure Kolb is starting this game – which is a shame. Well, considering he did pretty well last week, I think the Eagles will be able to get a win.

Seattle Seahawks AT Chicago Bears – Jay Cutler is back after getting a concussion two weeks ago against the New York Giants. It was the first time Cutler has missed a game due to injury in his career. Chicago’s strong run game and dominate defense has helped Culter lead the Bears to first in the NFC North (not that easy to do these days). Seattle has played wildly inconsistent this year, handling San Diego and the 49ers pretty easily, but getting stomped out by Denver and St. Louis. Adding Marshall Lynch to their line up will help the Seahawks stay competitive in their pathetic division, but the Seahawks have also traded away their top three receivers from last year – Nate Burleson, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, and Deion Branch. Does Pete Caroll hate passing?

Andrew’s pick – Chicago Bears. Even with the extra week for the Seahawks to prepare for this game, the Bears defense and well balanced offense will be too much for Seattle on the road.

Greg’s Pick – Chicago Bears. Man these Bears have an easy schedule to start the season, I still think they are a fake, but going against the Seahawks – how can you pick them?!

Gen’s pick – Chicago Bears. I have no idea who’s on the Seahawks.

Miami Dolphins AT Green Bay Packers – With the number the injuries that the Packers have suffered over the first 5 games, it seems ridiculous that the NFL would even consider extending the season to 18 games. Even though Aaron Rodgers seems to have gotten over his concussion suffered during the overtime loss to the Redskins, he might not have any healthy offensive weapons to give the ball to. Miami went into their bye week following two division loses where the defense allowed a combined 72 points and quarterback Chad Henne turned the ball over four times. Both teams only have two loss, but probably consider this a must win to stay competitive in their respective divisions.

Andrew’s pick – Miami Dolphins. Green Bay’s defense has kept the team in games aside from the fact that cornerback Al Harris and safety Atari Bigby haven’t even play this season. Now, with the loss of linebacker Clay Matthews, there seems to be no chance the defensive line will continuously get to the quarterback. If Miami can give Chad Henne enough time, he can stop throwing interceptions and get past the injured Packers.

Greg’s Pick – Green Bay Packers. Going back home, getting things settled down a bit, I expect the Packers to come out pretty strong. While the Dolphins have had two weeks to prepare for this game, the Packers defense will carry them through.

Gen’s pick – Miami Dolphins. No Clay Matthews, so that means the Dolphins will be able to take their time on their offense. I can’t imagine a blowout, but I can see the Dolphins swimming to a victory by a slim margin.

San Diego Chargers AT St. Louis Rams – Since when can teams have losing records after 5 weeks but still be a viable candidate to get to the playoffs? Oh that’s right, by being in the West divisions of the NFL. Coming from these two teams though, this really shouldn’t surprise anyone amiright!? For the fourth consecutive season, the Chargers have started 2 and 3 and the Rams haven’t had more than two wins in their first five starts since the 2006 season. Despite their blowout loss to the Lions, the Rams look like they have finally turned a corner, but can’t seem to stay healthy enough on offense to prove it to anyone. History says that the Rams will lose the next 11 games while the Chargers win them and take over their soft division.

Andrew’s pick – San Diego Chargers. Even though the Chargers have lost their most recent trips to St. Louis, those were back when the Rams could be considered contenders. If either Rams wide reciever Donnie Avery or Mark Clayton were healthy then this could be a better game, but until then, the Rams will continue to circle the drain.

Greg’s Pick – St. Louis Rams. I really hate the Chargers and they aren’t very good – but once again, the first half will decide this game. If the Rams are in it at half, that’s a dangerous game for the Chargers, I expect them squeak out a win.

Gen’s pick – St. Louis Rams. I’m done cheering for the Chargers. THE TEAM IS UNRAVELING! THE DREAM IS COLLAPSING!!!

Kansas City Chiefs AT Houston Texans – Oddly enough, the Chiefs are playing extremely well except at Quarterback, so it’s funny to think about where Denver would be had that trade go through. The good news for Kansas City is that Houston’s defense is allowing as many passing yards as the offense has been putting up. Both Kansas City and Houston are coming off losses where both opposing teams exploited each teams weaknesses. Even though the Colts are weak against the run, the defense was able to hold the Chiefs to a season low rushing game. The Giants also held the Texans running game to a season low and were also able to consistantly get to the quarterback, causing Matt Schaub to fall to mediocrity without a healthy Andre Johnson.

Andrew’s pick – Kansas City Chiefs. Upset alert! I think the Chiefs will take a page from the Giants defense and slow Arian Foster (but he’ll probably still get more than 25 yards), and with Andre Johnson slowed with his high ankle sprain, this could be a good looking road win for the Chiefs.

Greg’s Pick – Houston Texans. I expect them to rally down in Houston and get things on the right path towards a victory today.

Gen’s pick – Kansas City Chiefs. They’re the surprise underdog of this NFL season. So more power to them. Plus, if the Chiefs were smart and watched how the Giants shut down Houston’s running game, then they’ll definitely win.

Baltimore Ravens AT New England Patriots – When the Ravens played the Patriots in the playoffs last year, the Ravens ran the ball 42 times, effectively keeping the ball out of Tom Brady’s hand and beating the Patriots 33-14 while on the road. This game isn’t too far removed from last year, but obviously the biggest change has been in New England with the loss of Randy Moss and the addition of Deion Branch. No one is really too sure why this happened, but Bill Belichick seems to know what he’s doing, so just go with it OK!? The Ravens have held their all their opponents to less than 20 points this year and opened with a win on the road against the Jets who the Patriots struggled with during the second week.

Andrew’s pick – Baltimore Ravens. I’m just not too sure what to expect from the Patriots.

Greg’s Pick – New England Patriots. It’s a different game this year without Ed Reed back there, and I expect the Pats offense to still be clicking as they look to the tight ends to spread out the Ravens defense.

Gen’s pick – Baltimore Ravens. I’ll have to make an educated guess next week after I watch the Patriots play this game. But for now, we’ll go with the team I don’t dislike.

Sunday, Oct. 17 4:05 PM:

Oakland Raiders AT San Francisco 49ers – The battle of the underperforming 2005 first round quarterbacks continue! Jason Campbell is back in the mix after Bruce Gradkowski injured his shoulder and Campbell lead the Raiders on two long drives to win over San Diego. Of course it helped that the Raiders special teams blocked two punts that directly contributed to 14 points in the firstquarter. The 49ers are still winless but have been competitive through most of their games. If the 49ers lose this game, Mike Singletary could be looking at a long year.

Andrew’s pick – San Francisco 49ers. You can do it! Just sack Jason Campbell a bunch and he’ll start losing the game for the Raiders.

Greg’s Pick – San Francisco 49ers. Exactly what Andrew said.

Gen’s pick – Oakland Raiders. YEP, I said it. The 49ers are suckin’ up a storm, so why not go with the team that surprised us with a win last week?

New York Jets AT Denver Broncos – The Broncos have back to back games facing the NFL’s toughest defenses, even though the Jets have fallen far from the top ranked pass defense of last year. Maybe Darrelle Revis should have showed up to camp and got in football shape instead of listening to his uncle Sean Gilbert who pulled the same crap back in the ’90s before fading into obscuredom. The Broncos are facing some questions of their own on Defense as injuries have deminished the improvements that were made last year. The Jets are once again leading the league in rushing yards which helps in all apects of the offensive, but also helps keep the ball out of pass-happy Denver’s hands.

Andrew’s pick – New York Jets. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Mark Sanchez but right now the Jets are playing better than every team in the league.

Greg’s Pick – Denver Broncos. I think the Orton-Lloyd package with strike again and will be able to outscore the Jets.

Gen’s pick – New York Jets. Listen, hate on the Jets all you want, but they’re a legit team. Now I don’t think they’ll be “Superbowl Champs Jets,” but they’re definitely playoff bound.

Sunday, Oct. 17 4:15 PM:

Dallas Cowboys AT Minnesota Vikings – I am so angry that this game is getting as much attention as it is. If this was the Browns verse the Lions, who by the way are the only other two teams with only one win (look at your company Cowboys/Vikings – you suck!) no one would care nearly as much. Later, if one of these teams goes on to be successful this season, some basic cable analyst will point to this game claiming this was the turning point. The truth is one of these terrible teams will have to win this game, which should only make the winner be considered not as terrible as the loser but still only as good as a two win team. Despite being one of the best teams statistically and coming off a bye week, Dallas still couldn’t fix the errors that were costing them the win (ie a mass of pentalies and turnovers), but the defense could improve the turn over ratio with some help from Brett Favre who already has as many interceptions as he had all of last year.

Andrew’s pick – Minnesota Vikings. I had this line that I wanted to put in the write up –  “with the offensive ineptitude similar to Brett Favre’s withered penis (gross),” but I think the game has the potental to turn into a high scoring affair and I would look dumb, so I deleted it. I’ll been using that reference a lot here on out though. Anyway, I really just want Dallas to be 1-4 and for things to go terribly wrong for the rest of their season.

Greg’s Pick – Minnesota Vikings. I mean, how can I top Andrew’s first line in his pick?! Go with the home team. The NFC sucks.

Gen’s pick – Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings and Dallas are in desperate need of a win. But I feel that the Vikings just have more going for them. Dallas just seems like they’re falling apart. I expect Favre and his little wiener will come out and get that win.

Sunday, Oct. 17 8:20 PM:

Indianapolis Colts AT Washington Redskins – After upsetting the Green Bay Packers, the Washington Redskins have caused a lot of NFL analysts to scratch their heads wondering if this team is for real or not. The wins have been sloppy, the loss to the Rams was embarrassing, but the Redskins are first in the NFC East which is generally regarded a tough division (but questionable this year…). The Colts are in a four-way tie in the AFC South and despite some uncharacteristic early season loses, Peyton Manning is still leading one of the NFL’s top offenses. Statistically, the Redskins are the worst defense in the NFL, allowing the league’s highest yards per game, but have a plus four turnover ratio and are 9th in the NFL in points allowed. This seems like a game that the Colts should win easily, but we’ve been proven wrong by the Redskins before.

Andrew’s pick – Indianapolis Colts. I really don’t know what to do anymore. The Colts should win the game, but this could be another sloppy Redskins win and I would totally be ok with that.

Greg’s Pick – Indianapolis Colts. Let’s just say this turns into a shoot out – are you going to pick against the Colts?

Gen’s pick – Washington Redskins. This is either a genius pick or a pick made by a person who’s never heard of P. Tone Mayning (whoever that is).

Monday, Oct. 18 8:30 PM:

Tennessee Titans AT Jacksonville Jaguars – This is a good and key division match up. All four teams in the AFC South are tied at 3 and 2. The Titans are fourth highest scoring team in the NFL, rely on superstar Chris Johnson to keep the Titans competitive, and in the games that they have lost, Johnson has been held to under 100 yards.  Although Vince Young has proved he can make a come back, he also has shown that he still has the tendencies that got him benched in years past. The Jaguars aren’t wildly impressive in anyone area, but are they have been able to play consistently through the air and with running the ball.

Andrew’s picks – Jacksonville Jaguars. I’m really torn on this one, so I’m just going with the home team.

Greg’s Pick – Tennessee Titans. I could see this game getting ugly, I am not even excited for this game at all though.

Gen’s pick – Tennessee Titans. RUNNING BACKS GALORE! I really hope Chris Johnson has a great game.


2 Responses to “NFL 2010: Week Six Predictions”

  1. poker affiliate resource October 17, 2010 at 2:54 pm #

    The Packers have been decimated by injuries, and I think they are going to start to struggle to adjust the next few weeks. They are a strong team, but cant really compensate for so many losses.

  2. EB October 18, 2010 at 12:09 am #

    I’m 9-4 this week picking against the spread. Gen X.

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