Monday Music Madness: “Speak Now” – Taylor Swift & “Start It Up” – Lloyd Banks

12 Oct

Speak Now – Taylor Swift

Man I feel like I haven’t done anything on this thing for a while (Whispers: because I haven’t shhh). Anyway, I’m back and let’s check out this week’s first artist. The only reason why I’m featuring Taylor Swift in this week’s Music Monday, is because I had a dream with her in it. No, I wasn’t listening to her before I went to bed nor was I even thinking of her. But, somehow, she incepted herself into my mind brain. Here’s the dream, I was outside of a huge old-looking house that reminded me of something from New Orleans. And there was Taylor up on the second floor on the porch, most likely of her daddy’s house. I was there, on the lawn, a guitar in hand. I was singing something to her and she was loving it. She was dressed in white like an angel. For a moment, she was my angel….MY….ANGEL!!! *Ahem*…Then I woke up and Googled her and found out that she has a new song out that talks about her ruining a wedding in a cute way. Enjoy!:

Like that song? Be sure to check out her new album, Speak Now, dropping October 25th.

Keep reading for more songs!

Start It Up (feat. Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Ryan Leslie & Fabolous) – Lloyd Banks

Now you know we couldn’t leave you without something you can bump to. Remember Lloyd Banks? You know the guy from G-Unit? Wait wait wait, don’t leave yet. I know what you’re thinking. This guy is outdated ad he hasn’t had a hit since On Fire along time ago. But, what if I told you this song has an awesome beat reminiscent of Right Above It and a featured line-up that’ll make you think it’s one of Kanye West‘s (who is featured on this track) Good Friday releases. So check out “Start It Up” and try not to bob your head:

Like this song? Be sure to check out Banks’ upcoming album, The Hunger for More 2, dropping November 23.


Hypnotize U – N.E.R.D

Well this is awesome. N.E.R.D. always makes good songs but this song in particular is extra awesome. Why? Oh nothing, it was only produced by the French duo Daft Punk! **Zomg zomg squeel squeel** Now this song is nothing like Hot N’ Fun, but that doesn’t make it any less great. Daft’s melody and techno beats accompanied by Pharrell’s singing will make any situation extra….well….shmexy. So find nothing wrong with a little bump and grind with this song and check out “Hypnotize U”:

Like this song? Check out N.E.R.D.’s upcoming album, Nothing, out in stores November 2.

Raise Your Glass – Pink

To tell you the truth, I’m not that big of a Pink fan, but it seems that she’s made another “anthem” song that’s actually not that bad. This song is the classic pop-rock sound that Pink usually sticks to. Although I don’t think this will be a DJ’s first choice at a club, I could see this being played on a Top 40 radio station. Check out “Raise Your Glass” below:

Like this song? Check out Pink’s new upcoming album celebrating her 10 years in the industry titled Greatest Hits…So Far, hitting stores November 16th.


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