NFL 2010: Week Five Predictions

8 Oct

Alright, so you probably noticed that we didn’t write one of these last week. Yeah, I’m sorry. Between traveling and not having the internet, it was a little difficult for me to get this in order. I wrote up my picks for the previous week on my phone and only half of them saved (couldn’t even find them in the auto-saved drafts). Preeeeeettttyyy frustrating. Due to the issues, I’m not going to continue to keep a cumulative score, plus I’m too lazy to add them all up each week, especially if I get distracted and lose count. Just being honest. Anyway, enough rambling, on to what you really came for. *(Greg’s note – I counted them up: Greg is at 26-22, Genesis at 26-22, and Andrew is at 17-15, seeing as only 2 of his picks saved from the last post)* Want to see who’s playing on TV in  your area? Check out the helpful map!

Sunday, Oct. 10 1:00 PM:

New York Giants AT Houston Texans – The Texans defense will get a boost Brian Cushing back, if he could ever stop working out! Geez! The Giants are coming off a game where they knocked out two of the Bears quarterbacks, in the process of racking up a slew of sacks. The Giants got back to running the ball and playing strong defense, the qualities that helped them beat the offensive powerhoue Patriots in the Superbowl just a few years ago (REMEMBER GREG!?).

Andrew’s pick – Houston Texans. I say this begrudgingly because Brian Cushing looks like a douche, but I still think the Giants are still struggling in some areas.

Greg’s Pick – Houston Texans. I really hate you Andrew.

Gen’s pick – New York Giants. You know, the Texans looked  very impressive after playing the Colts. But last week, their win against the Raiders wasn’t that decisive. So what more against a Super Bowl team. I just don’t think they can do it. NY wins. **Doing these picks in an airport on my phone, so please excuse any typos**

St. Louis Rams AT Detroit Lions – Just a year ago, this would have been the worst game of the year. Now, it could arguably be one of the most interesting. If these two teams are going to be the two of the top teams of tomorrow, it will be interesting to see who wins this one.  Unfortunately, for those arguing interesting, the Lions QB Matthew Stafford is still out with a shoulder injury, leaving inconsistent Shaun Hill to direct this rebounding team. The Rams won their last two games with the help of their top ten defense and look to establish a winning record for the first time in god knows how long.

Andrew’s pick – St. Louis Rams. Shaun Hill did about well as could be expected against the Packers. I mean they did almost win, but if people are going to stop talking about the Redskins losing to the Rams, I need them to keep winning. FOR EXAMPLE – WIN THE SUPERBOWL RAMS!!! But seriously, wouldn’t it be funny if the next decade the Rams and the Lions are like the Patriots and Colts of this past one?

Greg’s Pick – St. Louis Rams – Remember how the Rams beat the Redskins? That was pretty awesome. Bradford is becoming a great quarterback in leading this offense.

Gen’s pick – St. Louis Rams. Although both teams seem awwwful, the Rams  just seem like a stronger team.

The rest of the picks after the jump!

Green Bay Packers AT Washington Redskins – The Redskins are coming off a great win (not impressive or exciting, but necessary) in Philadelphia against the Eagles. The Redskins are still tinkering with their Defense, trying to keep opposing offensives on their toes, but it could possibly be doing more harm than good (losing after being up by 17, allowing the Rams to get 30 points!?). On the other hand, the Packers have all their pieces in place and, despite just barely beating the Lions, the Packers are still the Vegas favorites to win the Superbowl.

Andrew’s pick – Green Bay Packers. Ugh, I’ve read some things where analysts think the Redskins can pick up this upset, but I just don’t want to get my hopes up. Reason says the Green Bay Packers will win, so I’m sticking to that.

Greg’s Pick – Green Bay Packers. Although the Redskins usually play up to their opponents, the Packers offense will be too much – look for Cooley to be a key factor if the Redskins want to stay in the game.

Gen’s pick – Washington Redskins. I believe in you guys! This might a stupid pick though considering we have one tight end, one running back, and one wide receiver to count on. Here’s to hoping we don’t get sacked every two seconds.

Chicago Bears AT Carolina Panthers – Draaammmaaa. Jay Cutler is still knocked out, so Todd Collins gets his first start since the playoffs with the Redskins in 2007. Julius Peppers is back at the Panthers to prove that they should have paid him big money to keep him around (as if he hasn’t proved that enough already this year). The Panthers will also know Peppers’ weaknesses and might be able to exploit them for big gains on the ground.

Andrew’s pick – Chicago Bears. This is actually kind of hard. I like Jimmy Clausen and he seems to be catching on, but the Bears defense is solid and could cause him a lot of problems. On the other hand, there is a reason why Todd Collins is a back up, and I don’t know how well he will be able to move the ball.

Greg’s Pick – Carolina Panthers. This could be the break out week for DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. With the Bears struggling last week with the RB’s of the Giants, these two could have a field day. Collins is going against a weak defense, but a late game pick will prove costly as the Panthers squeak by.

Gen’s pick – Chicago Bears. I don’t really know much about the Panthers to tell you the truth. I just know that they’re 0 – 4. But then again, the Bears looked gross against the Giants last week. I don’t know, Todd Collins did take the Skins to the playoffs a couple of years ago. I guess he can muster up a win.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers AT Cincinnati Bengals – The Buccaneers aren’t half bad, but their defense is weak and they’re still growing on offense. Although I think Tampa Bay has hope, the Bengals are a better all around team that will be tough to beat. Watch the Bengals work to establish the run first only to open up the passing game late in the game.

Andrew’s pick – Cincinnati Bengals. I still don’t understand why everyone hated on T.O. in the offseason, he seems to be working out just fine.

Greg’s Pick – Cincinnati Bengals. I agree Andrew, would’ve been nice for the Pats to have picked up TO..oh well. Maybe one of these weeks both TO and OchoCinco will show up – this could be that week!

Gen’s pick – Cincinnati Bengals. T.Ochocinco show T.O. should do well this game.

Denver Broncos AT Baltimore Ravens – The Broncos are coming off a game where they held Chris Johnson, one of the most prolific young running backs, to just 53 yards, so take notes Ray Rice. The Ravens are coming off an equally impressive win by overcoming the Steelers’ defense in the last seconds of the game to take the lead. But the real story is the complete opposite, this is the top passing offense with Kyle Orton and the Broncos verse the Ravens top passing defense, something’s gotta give!!

Andrew’s pick – Baltimore Ravens.  Defense wins championships right? Also, I think Joe Flacco isn’t that bad at passing it either…

Greg’s Pick – Baltimore Ravens. This defense is going to be tested by the #1 passing offense in the NFL (crazy I know). I’m actually looking forward to this game though, going to be a close one.

Gen’s pick – Baltimore Ravens. I still think the Ravens are a Super Bowl kinda team (with the exception of that one game where they just sucked and lost.) And unfortunately, the BROncos are not.

Atlanta Falcons AT Cleveland Browns – The Falcons seemed to lose a lot of credibility when they opened with a loss against the Steelers. They shouldn’t feel too bad about it as no one else could beat the Steelers until the Ravens did in the last seconds of last week’s game, but for whatever reason they can’t seem to shake the bad taste that loss left in their mouth. The Browns have the same “grit” that the 49ers have and the 49ers caused the Falcons a lot of problems. Cleveland is exetremely happy with their win over Cincinnati, not an easy win either, and would love to get back to back wins at home.

Andrew’s pick – Atlanta Falcons. Most teams try to split their road games and I think that this is probably one that the Falcons marked on the calendar. Even though Jake Delhomme knows the Falcons very well, I don’t think the Browns can win unless the Falcons make a slew of mental errors.

Greg’s Pick – Cleveland Browns. Call me crazy, but the Browns are finally doing some things right and the Falcons have been playing down to their opponents. But this could easily be a blowout in the Falcons favor, the first quarter will decide the game.

Gen’s pick – Atlanta Falcons. I’m sitting next to someone from Atlanta. I am being pressured into writing this. Plus I feel like their offense is in better shape than the Browns.

Kansas City Chiefs AT Indianapolis Colts – The Colts are 0-2 in the AFC South for the first time since the AFC South was created. Despite being a young division, that is impressive! The Kansas City Chiefs are the league’s only undefeated team and have had extra time to prepare for the Colts. Even though the offense has been coming together for the Chiefs, it’s their strong defense that has been really keeping them in the games. This is surprisingly one of the better games of this week.

Andrew’s pick – Indianapolis Colts. On the road against a pissed off Peyton Manning is probably one of the hardest games that any team will play.

Greg’s Pick – Indianapolis Colts. I don’t think I’ve bought into the Chiefs quite yet and the Jaguars always play the Colts tough – so I expect this game to be a blowout.

Gen’s pick – Kansas City Chiefs. Will they keep riding high and undefeated? I think so.

Jacksonville Jaguars AT Buffalo Bills – The Jaguars couldn’t have been happier with their performance last week against the Colts. Their offense went head to head with Peyton Manning’s offense, and they came out on top. The Bills will work hard to establish the run game and let Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller make all their offensive moves for them.

Andrew’s pick – Jacksonville Jaguars. I was kind of surprised with the win over the Colts, but I don’t think this win should surprise anyone. Poor Buffalo Bills.

Greg’s Pick – Buffalo Bills. The Bills have guaranteed a turn around, and basically I am banking on some crazy play happening to lead the Bills to victory, I feel bad for them.

Gen’s pick – Jacksonville Jaguars. Who’s even on the Bills?

Sunday, Oct. 10 4:05 PM:

New Orleans Saints AT Arizona Cardinals – Arizona has moved on to undrafted rookie Max Hall after Derek Anderson failed to provide the spark in the offensive void left by Kurt Warner’s departure. Speaking of offensive voids, where have the Saints been? Neither team really is that solid on defense, so it’s not like the worst game to start Hall, and who knows, maybe he’ll learn something from Drew Brees.

Andrew’s pick – New Orleans Saints. I would like to think that this will be the game when the Saints reassert themselves on the offense. Rip their heads off!

Greg’s Pick – New Orleans Saints. I agree Andrew, this is the week that the offense finally starts to click. Because God knows I’ve been starting Colston every week and he’s got me 4 points a week (c’mon!!) – and with the Cardinals in disarray, could be a great game to go pick up the Saints defense in fantasy!

Gen’s pick – New Orleans Saints. They seem to be struggling a bit, but I still think their offense is still better built. Although they lost Reggie Bush, the Cardinals lost Kurt Warner. Seems like a fair trade I guess.

Sunday, Oct. 10 4:15 PM:

Tennessee Titans AT Dallas Cowboys – This game will be a good test for both teams. Did the Dallas Cowboys make the right adjustments in their early bye week? After allowing Denver’s Eddie Royal and Brandon Lloyd a combined 228 yards on 19 receptions, the Titans secondary looks extremely weak. Will they be able to bounce back? Will both teams stop getting so many penalties?

Andrew’s pick – Dallas Cowboys. I think the Cowboys will take a page from the Steelers and the Broncos and keep Chris Johnson below 100 yards and make Vince Young air it out. Even though Young didn’t throw an interception against the Broncos, the Titans also couldn’t move the ball through the air efficiently enough to really be a threat.

Greg’s Pick – Dallas Cowboys. Both teams need this win to stay on track – but I ultimately think that Dallas has the better team and should be able to win at home.

Gen’s pick – Tennessee Titans. I hate the fact that the Cowboys won one freaking game and everyone is jumping on their nuts again. Eff those guys, Vince Young is going to poop all over their secondary.

San Diego Chargers AT Oakland Raiders – The Chargers just absolutely destroyed Arizona last week, but it’s Arizona and they are just awful right now. Oakland has more problems than they know how to fix. With the leagues worst run defense, it seems natural that the Chargers will use this opportunity to establish their run game.

Andrew’s pick – San Diego Chargers. I just don’t know what the Raiders could do to win this game.

Greg’s Pick – San Diego Chargers. McFadden is out – NUFF SAID

Gen’s pick – San Diego Chargers. Oakland? I mean come on…

Sunday, Oct. 10 8:20 PM:

Philadelphia Eagles AT San Francisco 49ers –  Whelp, back to a quarterback controversy in Philadelphia. I knew Vick was going to get injured at some point (it wasn’t that hard to predict, before the Redskins game he was the most hit quarterback in the NFL). Kevin Kolb is back and is taking on frustrated San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers haven’t won a game yet, despite having a lot of talent on offense (except for at QB) and generally their defense is considered better than average.

Andrew’s pick – San Francisco 49ers. I know, it’s a crazy pick. But San Francisco wasn’t supposed to be bad right? They’ve been so close to a win. If Kolb gets nervous, they can steal a win from the Eagles.

Greg’s Pick – San Francisco 49ers. I am pretty sure I have picked them every single week and they have burnt me. However, I am still sticking to them – I’ve been able to watch a lot of their play, and they are usually one or two plays away from winning the game. 49ers stadium under the lights should be fun again too.

Gen’s pick – Philadelphia Eagles. The 49ers are struggggling. I don’t really know or care enough to know what they have to fix in order to be team everyone was expecting them to be. Without Vick though, I don’t think the Eagles’ win will be decisive or pretty.

Monday, Oct. 11 8:30 PM:

Minnesota Vikings AT New York Jets – It looks like Revis will have the chance to put Randy Moss in his place sooner than he expected….or get burned for a touchdown over the top and pull his hamstring and sit out for two weeks. Good try though. With the addition of Randy Moss though, the deep threat for the Vikings is back, which will provide some running room for Adrian Peterson. Of course, it won’t be easy against the Jets. It will be good to see if the Vikings can be explosive on offense against such a stout defense.

Andrew’s pick – New York Jets. I don’t like the Jets and I think Mark Sanchez will crumble at some point, but right now he has 8 touchdowns and no interceptions through the past three games, and he is getting Santonio Holmes back this week.

Greg’s Pick – Minnesota Vikings. Still pretty upset and bitter about Moss leaving (Pats are so cheap), but I’ll get over it after seeing Moss burn Revis again. Seriously, stop talking trash – YOU WEREN’T EVEN ON THE FIELD THE 2ND HALF!!! I am so sick of the Jets, I want someone to come out and destroy them, just really hope it’s the Vikings.

Gen’s pick – New York Jets. Although I’m very interested to see how Moss/Favre will work out, I think Favre is too distracted by his currently sextuation and that’ll affect his game for sure. If we learned anything from Inception, your mind can EFF YOU UPPP.


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