NFL 2010: Week Three Predictions

26 Sep

Wow. WWWWwwoooooooowww. Last week a rough. I think if the Saints had lost, I would have petitioned Rodger Goodell to strike that week from the NFL and bump the season down to 15 games. But, the Saints won, and we only have a terrible records to show how all the other teams performed. Greg and Genesis tied with the most right with 8 correct and 8 wrong. Andrew screwed the pooch and only got 7 correct. It wasn’t pretty. Anyway, it’s the third week now though, most teams have started to identify themselves and teams can start to game plan, hopefully that will make our jobs a little easier.

A team starting 0-3 has a 3% chance of making the playoffs.

Sunday, Sept. 26 1:00 PM:

Pittsburgh Steelers AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Well, after every quarterback on the Steeler’s roster and a couple more, Pittsburgh is still winning games. They’re going to do everything they can to confuse Tampa Bay’s young quarterback into throwing some interceptions. Josh Freeman has been playing well, being 2-0 and all, but tough teams have been taken down by the Steel Curtain.

Andrew’s pick – Pittsburgh Steelers. I don’t think the Bucs have the offensive power to really best the Steelers defense. I don’t know if Batch will even last the whole game, but I like recently released and recently re-signed Byron Leftwhich.

Greg’s Pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Call me crazy, but Freeman has been doing pretty well and their defense is 3rd in the NFL. Look out..

Gen’s pick – Pittsburgh Steelers. I’ve given this team some crap lately, but after seeing last week’s game, I was pretty impressed. I expect the defense to step up and dominate again.

New York Giants AT Tennessee Titans – The Giants seem to be one of the fews teams that really haven’t identified themselves. Are they still the powering running team they used to be? The numbers certainly don’t look like it. The Titans running game got stuffed by the Steelers and then Vince Young got benched after throwing a bunch of interceptions.

Andrew’s pick – Tennessee Titans. I think this game will be pretty sloppy but Vince Young will bounce back and take over the confused Giants.

Greg’s Pick – New York Giants. I feel like the Titans are still finding their feet while the Giants have started to look like they can actually play football, should be interesting to see if they can do it consistently.

Gen’s pick – Tennessee Titans. Last week, both teams looked sloppy. But I think that loss against the Colts, the Giants might be disheartened. Let’s just hope Vince Young doesn’t suck this week.

Detroit Lions AT Minnesota Vikings – Both teams seem to be struggling, the real issue though is that the Vikings seem to be on the decline while the Lions are on the up and up. The Vikings running game hasn’t been clicking and they don’t have any options on the receivers. Although the Minnesota’s defense is still tough, if the offense can’t it together, it’s going to be a long last season for both Favre and Childress.

Andrew’s pick – Detroit Lions. Even though I think the Vikings will turn it around this season, I’m kind of excited that the Lions might be able to beat a good team from last year.

Greg’s Pick – Minnesota Vikings. Favre will be out with a fury this week, I think things will start to click with their offense together and pull out a win against a Detroit team that is getting stronger.

Gen’s pick – Detroit Lions. I don’t think Favre can stop his team from going 0-3. The Lions are getting better, and I think the Vikings offense will struggle again this week. You should’ve stopped when you did Favre.

Atlanta Falcons AT New Orleans Saints – First division game for these two teams. Both of the Saints games have been close, whereas the Falcons have been polar opposites. Falcons should be good, but it seems they are still working on their cohesiveness. Even though the Saints have been winning, they haven’t been as explosive on offense they would have liked. Once that starts clicking (any day now) the Saints will be on top of the division.

Andrew’s pick – New Orleans Saints. I think this game will be reallly close, but the Falcons are the on the road in dome, so it’ll be tough for them to pull it out.

Greg’s Pick – Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta is out to prove they can be a force in the NFC South – what better way to prove it than to beat the Saints at home?

Gen’s pick – New Orleans Saints. It’s tough to beat the Saints at home and I don’t think the Falcons can do it. Plus I still think the Saints are an insanely talented team. It’ll be a close game though.

Cincinnati Bengals AT Carolina Panthers – The Panthers are singing the same song there last year, more picks than they can imagine. Unfortunately for Matt Moore, he doesn’t carry the same weight that Jake Delhomme did, so rather than hold out the Panthers have made their moves early. The Bengals have a tough defense that can stop the run and cause problems for Jimmy Clausen.

Andrew’s pick – Cincinnati Bengals. The Panthers just can’t get it together. This will be a tough defense for Jimmy Clausen to beat.

Greg’s Pick – Cincinnati Bengals. Seriously get your offense together Carolina. I am excited for Clausen to be in though (Go Irish!)

Gen’s pick – Cincinnati Bengals. Finally, a chance to potentially see what the T.Ochocinco show should look like. I expect the Bengals’ wide receivers to get going this game.

Buffalo Bills AT New England Patriots – Buffalo starts the season not only at 0-2, but with only 23 first down, 352 yards, and 17 points ON THE SEASON! So Buffalo has changed QB’s and is starting Harvard’s own Ryan Fitzpatrick. Their #1 pick CJ Spiller has been nonexistent (good draft pick by me right?!), and their defense has been filled with holes. Meanwhile the Pats are coming off of a tough loss when they looked awful in the 2nd half against the Jets – – however that was the Jets defense, not the Bills.

Greg’s Pick – New England Patriots. Pats better get things figured out, fast. The Bills always play tight with the Pats, but the Patriots have won the past 8 or 9 in a row. Look for the Patriots to try and establish a running game early on…then abandon it in the 2nd half for lob balls 😦

Gen’s pick – New England Patriots. Last week, after Moss’ amazing catch for a TD, the Pats looked liked they were just throwing it downfield to try to recreate it. I hope this year they’ll play a little smarter and tighter. I expect a win for them though.

Cleveland Browns AT Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens are struggling to find their offense. However, after a tough loss last week to Cincinnati, Baltimore will be out for blood. The Browns are just struggling in general, but look for them to work in Cribbs in the wildcat offense – which could create problems for Baltimore – just not enough.

Greg’s Pick – Baltimore Ravens. This game could get a big ugly…

Gen’s pick – Baltimore Ravens. After sucking tremendously offensively, the Ravens might need to rely on their defense to get these wins. Then again, that’s the formula they used to win a Super Bowl.

San Francisco 49ers AT Kansas City Chiefs – Who would have thought the Chiefs would start the season 2-0? Even with that start, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis GUARANTEED a win against the Chiefs today. Well there’s some easy bulletin board material. And through two games, the Chiefs have only allowed 4 touchdowns (impressive). The 49ers are coming off of a heartbreakingly tough loss against the Saints and that could put them in danger of coming out soft.

Greg’s Pick – San Francisco 49ers. KC is 30th in the NFL in passing and the 49ers are dominant on defense.

Gen’s pick – Kansas City Chiefs. I think they’ll be riding high on the fact that they’re 2-0. Again, I expect the running game and special teams to git ‘r done.

Dallas Cowboys AT Houston Texans – Lets take a jump back to the first week. There are two highlights from the Dallas game against the Redskins. The end of the first half and the end of the second half. The second half ended with a holding call that ended the game. The first half ended with Tashard Choice trying to gain useless extra yards, fumbling the ball, and the Redskins picked the ball up and scored. I mean the Cowboys only had two big plays to clean up and they probably would have won the game. Why, oh why, then does receiver Roy Williams have a key fumble in the same type situation!? The coaching situation in Dallas is a mess. Houston came after being down 17 to beat the Redskins – could they carry that offense over?

Greg’s Pick – Dallas Cowboys. I think they will right the ship this week and get things going in the right direction, but it will be a close one.

Gen’s pick – Houston Texans. The Cowboys are looking pretty bad. I don’t think they’ll have a losing season, but I do think that don’t have their stuff together yet.

Sunday, Sept. 26 4:05 PM:

Philadelphia Eagles AT Jacksonville Jaguars – Vick is back, and has done nothing but excel in the position and lead the Eagles to victory last week. Last week, the Jaguars had basically zero pass defense, and still have yet to get Maurice-Jones Drew going. Jacksonville will need to bounce back quick if they want to keep up with this new potent Eagles offense.

Greg’s Pick – Philadelphia Eagles. Vick is back and the 757 is foaming at the mouth every play he does well on. And I still don’t trust the Jaguars after those turnovers last week.

Gen’s pick – Philadelphia Eagles. With Vick being “promoted” to starting QB, he’ll be playing his very best. And from what I saw last week, Vick is looking real good. *No dogs were harmed while writing this pick.

Washington Redskins AT St. Louis Rams – Man, the Redskins let one slip right through their fingers last week. And after that tough loss to a great team, they have to travel to an inferior St. Louis football team (possible trap game?!). The real problem last week was the Redskins immediate abandoning of their running game (18 total rushing yards). And there is no doubt this is a different Rams team this year, both losses have been by a combined 6 points. But let me just throw this out there – the Rams have lost 27 of their last 28 games (insane).

Greg’s Pick – Washington Redskins. I think this game will be closer than some expect, but the Redskins have an actual offense (never thought I would say that!).

Gen’s pick – Washington Redskins. Last week’s disappointing loss was a little bit of a wake-up call for the Skins. With such a close game and the offense looking better and better every week, the Skins will pull off an impressive win this week.

Sunday, Sept. 26 4:15 PM:

Indianapolis Colts AT Denver Broncos -Denver is heading into this week with a huge emotional weight on their shoulders with the death of Kenny McKinley on Monday. Kyle Orton has been playing well, with over 600 yards passing in the first two games, but he will be without his best running back, Knowshon Moreno. And both starting cornerbacks, Champ Bailey and Andre Goodman are “questionable” going in – – that spells trouble when Manning is on the other side. That and the Colts haven’t lost to the Broncos in five straight games.

Greg’s Pick – Indianapolis Colts. Manning is just too hard to hold down for four quarters.

Gen’s pick – Indianapolis Colts. Last week’s game against the Giants reminded everyone that the Colts are still a big deal. I also think that that game has started a win streak for the Colts.

Oakland Raiders AT Arizona Cardinals – And Jason Campbell is benched. Gradkowski stepped in last week and actually made the game interesting, moving the offense and scoring a touchdown. Now they travel to Arizona for the Cardinals home opener. McFadden is finally starting to play well (248 yards), and as we saw last week, Arizona could not stop Atlanta’s running game at all. The key to the Cardinals is Derek Anderson – he has struggled in his first two games, and with only a rookie at backup, it’s him or nothing.

Greg’s Pick – Arizona Cardinals. Man is anyone even going to watch this/care about it? Flip a coin and pick. And I called it last week that Campbell should be benched for Gradkowski.

Gen’s pick – Arizona Cardinals. Only because the Raiders suck….a lot.

San Diego Chargers AT Seattle Seahawks – Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck has thrown 14 interceptions in his past six regular-season games, which could play right into the hands of a Chargers defense that forced six turnovers in a Week 2 victory over Jacksonville. The Chargers still have one of the best deep attacks (even without Vincent Jackson), Malcom Floyd and Legedu Naanee are averaging better than 20 yards per catch, and guess what, Seattle has a rookie at free safety in Earl Thomas (uh oh).

Greg’s Pick – San Diego Chargers. I still think the Seahawks are too big of a mess to to anything this year. Chargers will roll.

Gen’s pick – San Diego Chargers. The Chargers are still a talented team and that will definitely show this week against the so-so team that is the Seahawks.

Sunday, Sept. 26 8:20 PM:

New York Jets AT Miami Dolphins – This is Jason Taylor’s return to Miami (really hope they boo him nonstop). With the 2 division rivals playing at night, this could be a playoff like atmosphere. Darrelle Revis will be out this game with his hamstring, which means Jets CB Cromartie will have to cover Brandon Marshall, last time this happened, Marshall had 19 catches. Look for both teams to come out running the ball though – two great defenses for two young quarterbacks…could get sloppy.

Greg’s Pick – Miami Dolphins. The AFC East is tough…pretty frustrating (SOMEONE TELL THEM THIS IS THE PATRIOTS DIVISION!). But the Dolphins have a lot of weapons and a great defense this year. The Jets I feel are still trying to figure things out.

Gen’s pick – New York Jets. After this week’s shenanigans, Rex Ryan probably has had enough. I think the Jets will win this game to prove that they’re a real team and not just a bunch if characters with a knack of getting bad press.

Monday, Sept. 27 8:30 PM:

Green Bay Packers AT Chicago Bears – Who would have thought Jay Cutler (5 tds, 1 int, 649 yards, 121.1 passer rating) would be out throwing Aaron Rodgers (4 tds, 2 ints, 443 yards, 94 passer rating). Now old rivals will meet again for Monday Night Football. Last year, Brian Urlacher ended his season playing the Packers – look out for his anger and rage in this one. Absolutely no one has run on the Bears defense yet, and they easily dismantled the Cowboys offense last week. Both teams will come out strong and looking to go deep early, this could be an exciting game to watch.

Andrew’s Pick –

Greg’s Pick – Green Bay Packers. I think this game will be really good, or Cutler could throw 4 interceptions. Either way, the Packers win.

Gen’s Pick – Green Bay Packers. I think this will be a shoot out. But I also think Aaron Rogers is a better QB right now – so Packers win.


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