NFL 2010: Week One Predictions

9 Sep

There are so many cliché things that I could say right now, but I’ll spare you. I am so freaking excited that football is back. I don’t have any back story to talk about here, so let’s just start the season already!

Thursday,  Sep. 09 8:30 PM:

Minnesota Vikings AT New Orleans Saints – I have to admit, this game kind of snuck up on me. I forgot about it several times throughout the day. That being said, it’s the rematch of the NFC championship, so it should be a good game, right? I mean look at the Vikings, Favre has only been practicing for about three-weeks so he should be able to last another 3-4 weeks. The Saints are still awesome, even though their fans still say “who dat” and they got out of school early today for this game. That being said…

Andrew’s pick – New Orleans Saints. I think they are just going to roll over the Vikings. I think the Vikings are going to implode this year, I definitely don’t have faith in Favre that I had last year. I’m hesitant about the defense, but they pulled through last year.

Greg’s pick – Minnesota Vikings – Every single Viking is pumped for this game. They have dreamed of redemption, AP saying he wanted to show the world how it was “supposed to be.” Well now it’s time for them to go out and prove it. The Saints are obviously good (and have history on their side – Superbowl champs have won their first game 10 straight years), but with that being said – I don’t like their defense and the offense won’t have those numbers again. I like AP to come out strong and Favre do his thing. And plus, my girlfriend lives in Minnesota, so pretty sure I couldn’t go up there if I didn’t pick the Vikings (in a close one).

Gen’s pick – New Orleans Saints. I honestly think they’re just too good. Riding off of their Super Bowl win last season, I think the Saints will come marching in and all over the Vikings. I just don’t think the Vikings’ defense can keep up with the Saints’ high powered offense. And I wonder how many interceptions Favre will throw? Who dat?

Sunday, Sept. 12 1:00 PM:

Atlanta Falcons AT Pittsburgh Steelers – Matt Ryan was an all-star his rookie year. Although he didn’t get as much attention last year, I think he is still on the up and up. The Steelers have their Superbowl winning MVP Ben Roethlisberger, wait, Bryon Leftwich…no, he shit the bed (as my friend just put it), so what now? Toss up between Charlie Batch, the guy they were going to cut a couple weeks ago, and Dennis Dixon. Currently, it’s Dixon’s job to lose…

Andrew’s pick – Atlanta Falcons.  ……. AND LOSE IT HE SHALL! I think the Falcons will mix it up on defense and blitz every other play to really mess with Dixon’s head.

Greg’s pick – Atlanta Falcons – I don’t think it’s going to be as easy as some people think. Dixon is a very talented athlete and if given the freedom could make some pretty fun plays to watch. The Steelers defense will keep them in this game though.

Gen’s pick – Atlanta Falcons. With Ben “No Means No” Roethlisberger suspended for, what is it, 4 games…6 games, I don’t think the (Ben) “Stillers” can rely on any of their other QB’s to carry their offense. Their scary defense will have to pick it up. But with their defense all sorts of messed up last year, it’ll probably take them a while to get their chemistry back.

Carolina Panthers AT New York Giants – How come the Redskins have to play the Cowboys the first game but the Giants get to play the Panthers? Talk about a low pressure game.  I mean sure everyone wants to win, especially at home, but that doesn’t seem fair to me.

Andrew’s pick – New York Giants. The Giants defense is always pretty tough, and I think it might be overwhelming for Matt Moore.

Greg’s pick – New York Giants – You know, I almost picked the Panthers strictly because of the tandem in the backfield. But the Giants are opening their NEW stadium and will be out with something to prove.

Gen’s pick – New York Giants. Come on, seriously? Remember when the Giants won the Super Bowl not too long ago? I’m assuming Eli Manning’s boo boo healed up, so the Giants are going to get some good practice setting up their passing game. Be safe Eli! Not too rough out there! Gosh he looks sooo stupid….

Detroit Lions AT Chicago Bears – Yeaaahhh… this game. This f’n game. I think the winner will be whoever throws the least amount of interceptions. That seems obvious, yes, but just think about that for a second. Jay Culter v. Matthew Stafford, both interception machines.

Andrew’s pick – Chicago Bears. I’m truly torn about it. I think Jay Cutler will throw the first interception but will redeem himself with a win.

Greg’s pick – Detroit Lions. It’s critical for both of these teams to get out of the gate early and with a win. However, the Lions have another season under their belt with their young stars while the Bears still have Jay Cutler and no #1 wide receiver.

Gen’s pick – Detroit Lions. Yep, I’m going early with this underdog business. Although the Bears are a much more experienced team, I just can’t trust Jay Cutler and his knack for throwing interceptions. Plus, I want to see Ndamukong Suh eat someone’s lunch.

Oakland Raiders AT Tennessee Titans – Will Redskins fans finally see a good Jason Campbell, or will they finally come to terms with the fact that maybe he wasn’t that good in general? If Vince Young plays like he did at the end of the season the Titans will be a force.

Andrew’s picks – Tennessee Titans. I mean I like Jason Campbell, and I really want him to do well, seriously. But he is not a good QB, and Oakland is not a good team. I’d be surprised if he lasts the whole season.

Greg’s pick – Tennessee Titans. Jason Campbell is not good.

Gen’s pick – Tennessee Titans. Jason Campbell is going to get beaten up and I’m going to feel bad for him. Same story: decent QB but the wrong team. Shame.

Indianapolis Colts AT Houston Texans – Look for some offensive fireworks! I think this game will definitely have some great highlights. I’m interested to see the tweaked Texans offense after losing Kyle Shanahan, as well the Colts first team with the new rule changes.

Andrew’s pick – Indianapolis Colts. To be honest, I really don’t know. I’m going with history on this one, I mean the Colts did go to the Superbowl last year… but the Texans aren’t going to be that bad. I think it depends if the Colts defense can slow down that passing game.

Greg’s pick – Indianapolis Colts. Every year people pick the Texans to finally take down the giant of the Colts, but every year, the Colts come out with the win – no different in this one either.

Gen’s pick – Indianapolis Colts. You know, to this day, I still have no idea who is on the Texans. The first time I’m going to watch them for an entire game is when they play the ‘Skins in Week 2 – seriously. So we’ll just go with the Colts because I know them more and Peyton Manning is ridic.

Denver Broncos AT Jacksonville Jaguars – Tim Tebow!? NO!? Aww. What about the other man-boy Brady Quinn? No? Whelp, I guess it’s just Kyle Orton. What about the Jaguars? I don’t think I know anything about them. Are they going to be a team in 10 years? No, probably not.

Andrew’s pick – Denver Broncos. Hopefully Josh McDaniels isn’t a Jim Zorn and can resurrect the end of their season. Otherwise, helllooo Mike Shanahan.

Greg’s Pick – Denver Broncos. A lot of people are starting to pick the Broncos as a sleeper team. And is MJD’s knee in good enough shape yet? Lot’s of questions from the Jaguars.

Gen’s pick – Denver Broncos. The Broncos have a lot of offensive bros and I think they’ll be able to utilize them against the Jags. Will we see Friar Tim Tebow? No, prob not, but you’ll see a win for the BROncos.

Miami Dolphins AT Buffalo Bills – I feel pretty bad for Buffalo so I’m not going to write how I really feel their football team will do this year. I think Miami made some solid offseason acquisitions and will be a force to reckon with in the AFC East.

Andrew’s pick – Miami Dolphins. Like I said, I’m not going to write about what I think of the Bills….

Greg’ Pick – Miami Dolphins. With the acquisition of Brandon Marshall, Chad Henne has a “go to” receiver now (look out!), plus the wildcat wil be in full effect. Just lose out Buffalo, and with the first pick next season, draft Jake Locker.

Gen’s pick – Miami Dolphins. Seriously, who’s even on the Bills?

Cincinnati Bengals AT New England Patriots – The Patriots gave some sort of hint that they are really going to push the running game, but I think that was a trick because all their running backs are old. Even though everyone was bashing TO when he was a free agent, now they’re saying he was a great offseason pick up for the Bengals. WTF Mate!?

Andrew’s pick – New England Patriots. A full season removed from his knee surgery, Tom Brady is going to be back to 2007 form.

Greg’s pick – New England Patriots. This game will not be easy for the Pats. With the injury to Bodden at corner, a rookie (McCourty) has stepped in and will be forced to cover TO (not an easy task). BUT just like the past 2 years, the offense will have to carry the defense again – and Brady will do so while celebrating his new contract.

Gen’s pick – New England Patriots. Although the Bengals now have the T.Ochocino show, they can’t compare to the other dynamic duo, Tom Brady and Randy Moss (although Moss apparently feels unloved in New England now). So watch for Tom Brady and his Justin Bieber haircut to come out with guns a blazin’.

Cleveland Browns AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers – This game is blacked out. If the fans don’t care enough to show up, I don’t care enough to make up something better to put here.

Andrew’s pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jake Delhomme threw a mess of interceptions last year and he knew the system. I don’t think Eric Mandumbass (lame) will really be any help for Delhomme as he adjusts to this new system.

Greg’s pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I mean – what am I supposed to say here?

Gen’s pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Delhomme loved passing to the other team last season, and I don’t think this season will be any different. Neither of these teams, nor their QB’s (both had 18 interceptions last season) really impress me, so I think it’s going to be a close game. But I’m going to give the edge to the Buc’s because Freeman threw more touchdowns.

Sunday, Sept. 12 4:15 PM:

Green Bay Packers AT Philadelphia Eagles – This game is going to be awesome. A lot of predictions saying the Packers will win the Superbowl. Everyone in the Eagles camp thinks that they haven’t lost a step by sending McNabb to the Redskins (thank you!). This will be a great test for Kevin Kolb.

Andrew’s pick – Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers baby! Wooooh!! I hope Kevin Kolb and Vick both crumble so I can stop hearing about this.

Greg’s Pick – Green Bay Packers. Kolb will be a good quarterback, just not yet. The Packers are a complete team coming into this season and will be out and ready to roll.

Gen’s Pick – Green Bay Packers. The Packers are a scary team. They’re ridiculously talented and they’re led by Aaron Rodgers, who seems to be improving each time he plays. I have a lot of expectations for this team this season.

San Francisco 49ers AT Seattle Seahawks – San Francisco is my new/old favorite team (loved them growing up, who doesn’t love Jerry Rice!?). Seattle is just the same old team with a new face, buuutt I kind of wish Matt Hassleback will be good again for alittle bit.

Andrew’s pick – San Francisco 49ers. I like Frank Gore and I’m hoping that Michael Crabtree becomes an elite reciever (fantesy points!).

Andrew’s pick – San Francisco 49ers.

Greg’s pick – San Francisco 49ers – With some “experts” picking them to win the division and go far in the playoffs, they will come out strong and ready to impress. Pete Carroll is an awful NFL coach and the Seahawks have done nothing but get worse in the recent years.

Gen’s pick – San Francisco 49ers. I’ve never been impressed with the Seahawks. So why start now?

Arizona Cardinals AT St. Louis Rams – Arizona has been dealing with Quarterback issues and have basically admitted they don’t know what to do. The St. Louis Rams finally seem to have an actual Quarterback, but he’s a rookie so there will be a learning curve. There are some terrible games this opening weekend.

Andrew’s pick – St. Louis Rams. Yeah, I said it. I couldn’t tell if you if I picked them once last year. I think the Cardinals will actually do ok with Brady Anderson, and then eventually undrafted rookie Max Hall, but the Rams will win this game.

Greg’s pick – Arizona Cardinals. The Rams still don’t have a decent defense that can slow down the Cardinals. Even with the whole QB situation, they have Larry Fitzgerald. Rams will be better by the mid-season though!

Gen’s pick – St. Louis Rams. Here I go again! Underdoggies! I have faith in Sam Bradford more than I do with the QB debacle in Arizona. I think Bradford is going to be franchise QB, ah-la Kurt Warner, in St. Louis. Getting this win against a team that was in the Super Bowl just recently will establish a new attitude and a new era for the Rams.

Sunday, Sept 12 8:20 PM:

Dallas Cowboys AT Washington Redskins – Great division rivalry game to start the year. The big story here is obviously how Shanahan and Donovan will be as Redskins.

Andrew’s pick – Washington Redskins. I’m hoping that the Cowboy’s offensive line woes continue from the pre-season (two starters are already out) and the Redskins offensive line woes don’t continue from last year.

Greg’s pick – Dallas Cowboys. Remember when Dallas went 11-5 and won a playoff game and Washington went 4-12? Dallas still has the same team, Washington has lots of new stuff going on. Shanahan used to be good when given time to prep for an opponent, but just way too many questions for the Redskins coming into this season.

Gen’s pick – Washington Redskins. With a real coach and a real GM running things in Washington nowadays, I think the Skins have a real chance to not go 4-12 this season (nobody was horny for Zorny last year). I think Shannypants is just throwing up smokescreens with, then talks of, sitting McNabb for the first game and the recent talks of trading Fat Albert back to the Titans. I think he’s just crafty – like cheese. Oh and the Cowboys looked awful this preseason and had no clue what to do in the red zone.

Monday, Sept. 13 7:00 PM:

Baltimore Ravens AT New York Jets – This game is going to be an awesome defensive battle…..too bad the Jet’s offense can’t get it together. Did anyone seen that hard knocks when Rex Ryan was yelling about the offense and the camera was just on Mark Sanchez? Yeah.

Andrew’s pick – Baltimore Ravens. For the first time in a while (if ever) the Ravens’ offense is equal to, if not better than, the defense. Championship caliber!? We shall see.

Greg’s pick – Baltimore Ravens. God I hate the Jets…and I’m starting to hate the Ravens. I still don’t have much faith in Flacco, but they’ve used him well. As for the Jets, Sanchez looks God awful. Will be interesting to see Revis back out there though.

Gens’ pick – Baltimore Ravens. All throughout the preseason everyone was talking about how the Ravens are a Championship teams. I didn’t believe them, until they played the Skins and humbled them. Since then, yeah, I think the Ravens have something going on.

Monday, Sept. 13 10:15 PM:

San Diego Chargers AT Kansas City Chiefs – I kind of wish this was the rematch of the AFC championship game. That would make it better. I’m interested to see Matt Cassel’s progress.

Andrew’s pick – San Diego Chargers. I hate Philip Rivers, but the Chargers are clearly better than the Chiefs. Just don’t count the Chiefs later in the year though.

Greg’s pick – San Diego Chargers. Exactly what Andrew said. But look out for the running duo of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones! However, the Chiefs have lost 5 straight to the Chargers.

Gen’s pick – San Diego Chargers. The Chargers have always been a good team. Even without LT, they’re going to do well and will continue to be an under-appreciated force in the AFC West.


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