Monday Music Madness: “F**k You” – Cee-Lo Green & “Hands” – The Ting Tings

23 Aug

F**k You – Cee-Lo

Oh man, oh man do I love this…uh, man. Cee-Lo Green, recently famous for being one half of the band Gnarls Barkley, is set to release a new album this fall and it’s full of soulful goodness. Although, I doubt this is the “official” single from the album, this song is supposed to promote the album, and I’m sold. “F**k You” is the catchiest hate filled song I’ve heard ever – so much so that you don’t even recognize the bitterness in the song. The promotional video of the song first came out on Friday, but an official video will be coming out soon. So in the meantime, check out “F**k You” and if you don’t like it well – I respect your opinion*”:

If you like this song, make sure to check out Cee-Lo’s other song, Georgia, and be sure to check out his upcoming album, Lady Killers, dropping this Fall.

*Oh and “f**k you”

Keep reading for more songs!

Hands – The Ting Tings

Did someone say the 80’s?! The Ting Tings made it big with “That’s Not My Name” and “Shut Up and Let Me Go,” and it seems they’re about to do it again with this song. “Hands” is filled with electro-pop awesomeness that transport you back to Greg’s favorite decade in music. So, have fun dancing to this song. And I swear, I’m going to make “Clap your hands if you’re working too hard” an anthem of some sort for young working adults, aka my group of friends, aka I’ll probably be the only one saying it. So clap your hands and check out “Hands.”:

Like this song? Make sure to check out their upcoming album, Massage Kunst, which drops this Fall.


Wanderland (feat. MeMe) – Hermanos Inglesos

Greg tipped me off to this song, and at first, it was kinda weird, but for some odd reason the song grows on you. The vocals are hauntingly beautiful while the beat is pretty funky – which is always a good combination. I literally have no information on who Hermanos Inglesos is, but from what I could tell, they are pretty decent. So give it a chance. Check out “Wanderland” and formulate your own opinion about it.:

Like this song? Check out their album, The Wander of You, out now.


2 Responses to “Monday Music Madness: “F**k You” – Cee-Lo Green & “Hands” – The Ting Tings”

  1. EB August 23, 2010 at 7:29 pm #

    Gotta love the Tings


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