Monday Music Madness: “See Me Now (feat. Beyoncé and Charlie Wilson)” – Kanye West & “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” – Mike Posner

16 Aug

See Me Now (feat. Beyonce & Charlie Wilson) – Kanye West

When Kanye West drops a new track, the entire internet freaks out about it – and it’s definitely justified. Everyone has their own opinion regarding Kanye’s attitude, but one thing is clear – the dude can make hits, and this song is no exception. For a while, the internet was a buzz about Drake, but now that that’s over, it’s Mr. Yeezy’s turn. Kanye’s comeback is in full effect. Whether it’s his current hit, Power, or the short but amazing music video for the song, or even his glorious Twitter account, one thing is clear – there’s no stopping this guy. This song utilizes the powerful voice of Beyoncé and the smooth sounds of Charlie Wilson. But here’s the kicker, this song didn’t make it onto his much anticipated upcoming album. So this begs the question, “If this song that didn’t make it is awesome, what will the songs that actually made it sound like?” Check out “See Me Now” and discuss amongst yourselves.:

Like this song? Be sure to check out Kanye’s upcoming album, Dark Twisted Fantasy, dropping sometime this year. (I think in September.)

Keep reading for more songs!

Bow Chicka Wow Wow – Mike Posner

For a while now, we here have been supporting the once unknown Detroit, Michigan singer/producer named Mike Posner. But after Cooler Than Me (seriously look at when that post was written and tell us we don’t know what we’re doing) has been blowing up on the radio, we figured it was about time to promote another Mike Posner favorite of ours. Let me just say this one thing about this song: I’m prettty sure he’s talking about bangin’. Either that or he wrote a song about Axe body sprays. Either way, it’s one of his better songs on his CD. So getcho freak on and check out “Bow Chicka Wow Wow”.:

Like this song? You might also like Please Don’t Go, and make sure to check out his album, 31 Minutes to Takeoff.


Faith (feat. Drake) – K-OS

Not a lot of people have heard of K-OS, but this guy can make some great music for sure. This Canadian rapper/singer has been making songs since the early 2000’s, but hasn’t had any success in the US. But maybe having the internet buzz making Drake on your track, might help you a bit. This song is entirely different from the song in which I know K-OS from, Sunday Morning. Why do I like this song, though? R&B instrumentals and smooth rapping will always get my head bobbing. So check out “Faith” and put some of it in this artist.:

Like this song? Download K-OS’s free mixtape, The Anchorman Mixtape.


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