Your Thursday Mixtape: Vol X

12 Aug

Wale‘s new album has hit the net – and one of his first singles is a sample from Sam Sparro’s “Black & Gold.” Wale makes the song his own and has created an instant hit. [Free Download Here]

Wale – The Black & Gold

Neon Hitch is working her way through pretty much every blog out there – guess I am helping her – in an effort to make her way to the top. Go listen to some of her stuff (almost all covers) to say you heard her before the radio finds her. [Buy Here]

Neon Hitch – What Starry Eyes Know (Two Door Cinema Club vs. Ellie Goulding)

What we have here is (allegedly) an unreleased and unheard song by Andre 3000. There’s not much else to say but enjoy it.

Andre 3000 – I Do

Rad Omen have been making waves since the beginning of this year, but they finally get their album on August 31st. If they can live up the building hype, this could be the next big thing. Extremely dancey, extremely catchy and very Daft Punk-esque. [Buy Here]

Rad Omen – Rad Anthem

Keep reading for even more mp3’s!

Remember when I talked about U-N-I? Well the guy on their chorus “Lately” has come out with his own single. His name is Miguel and his new single features J. Cole – try not to sing this one later in the day. [Buy Here]

Miguel – All I Want Is You (Feat. J. Cole)

The Twin Shadow clearly have influences in Joy Division and The Cure. Just listen to these tracks and then go see the show at 930 club on September 20th! [Buy Here]

The Twin Shadow – Slow

Two Door Cinema Club are from Northern Ireland and after seeing them rise on the HypeM charts, I decided to finally listen to them, you should too. [Buy Here]

Two door cinema club – Undercover Martyn

Mash Up of the Week: JustinCase

Teach Me How to Say It Ain’t So (CaliSwag v Weezer)

Throwback Jam of the Week:

Busta Rhymes – Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See

Now that you know what I’m listening to this week, be sure to follow me on Twitter and most of all – Please support all these artists!


2 Responses to “Your Thursday Mixtape: Vol X”

  1. Ryan August 12, 2010 at 12:09 pm #

    3000’s verse is reportedly what he recorded for a song he did on Jeezy’s upcoming album.

  2. Geeeenneeeeessiiissss August 12, 2010 at 6:25 pm #

    Possibly one of my favorite mashups you’ve ever put on here

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