Monday Music Madness: “Right Above It (feat. Drake)” – Lil Wayne & “Letting Go (Dutty Love) [feat. Nicki Minaj]” – Sean Kingston

9 Aug

Right Above It (feat. Drake) – Lil Wayne

Wow, I think this is seriously the first Lil Wayne song that I’ve instantly liked without having to listen to it like a bagillion times on the radio. I mean this song has so much going for it, so I expect this song to be an instant hit. First of all, it’s the first single off of Lil Wayne’s much anticipated EP. Second, the beat, holy crap – how catchy, amiright?! With the classic “Kane is in the building” intro, Kane Beatz has produced another awesome instrumental. I can’t help but start bobbing my head or just straight up dancing. Thirdly, it features Drake, who himself is coming off of releasing his own album, Thank Me Later. As I’m writing this post, I’ve listened to this song about 4 times now. So set it on repeat and check out “Right Above It” below. “Young Moolah baby,” for real.:

Like this song? Make sure to check out Lil Wayne’s album, I’m Not a Human Being EP, dropping September.

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Letting Go (Dutty Dutty) [feat. Nicki Minaj] – Sean Kingston

With summer on it’s way out (I know, let’s all shed a tear), we say goodbye to “summer” songs – but not before Sean Kingston gives us one more song that makes us wish Summer was jut a little longer. Although it’s not the most original of songs, “Letting Go” is ideally one of those songs you play in during a party or if you want a good dance track. 60% of the time, you’ll be dancing all of the time when you listen to this song. Although ‘Fire Burning’ was an awesome song, Sean Kingston hasn’t gotten the recognition he had when he first released ‘Beautiful Girls‘ oh so very long ago. So we’ll see if this song make it big for him. Plus having Nicki Minaj on the track doesn’t hurt either.:

Like this song? Be sure to check Sean Kingston’s website for news and details about his upcoming projects.


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  1. EB August 11, 2010 at 1:42 pm #

    Kibitz is my musical shepherd

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