Monday Music Madness: “Break My Bank (feat. Iyaz)” – New Boyz & “143 (feat. Ray J)” – Bobby Brackins

19 Jul

Break My Bank (feat. Iyaz) – New Boyz

While I can’t give the New Boyz any credit for their “amazing” rap skills, I can appreciate the fact that they make catchy songs. This one is no exception. “Break My Bank” is your typical “New Boyz” song. It’s got a beat that’ll get stuck in your head with a hook that’ll have the same effect. It also features Iyaz who has quickly become the new Akon by being featured in songs instead of releasing ones of his own. So check it out and do the reject to “Break My Bank”:

Like this song? Check out their sophomore album Too Cool To Care dropping some time this September.

Keep reading for more songs!

143 (feat. Ray J) – Bobby Brackins

This song might be a hit or miss, but if it does make it to radio, my guess is it’ll be pretty popular. Bobby Brackins‘ style can be described as “Bay Area” rapping. Basically, electronic beats + a single and simple hook + overall unimpressive rapping. In other words, this all equals to radio play/unexplainable popularity. Plus they talk about texting! Yay! Phones! I actually use “143” in texts – it’s nice to know other people do it too. That means I’m as cool as Bobby Brackins! Take that, world!:

Like this song? Check out Bobby Brackins’ Myspace page for news and info.


La, La, La (feat. Iyaz) – Auburn

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a sucker for songs that might be considered as, “under par,” to some. But hey, as long as it has a decent beat/sound to it, then I don’t mind it. Take this artist for example. I found Auburn while creating a 90’s themed “Power Hour” last week. What’s the correlation of this song to the 90’s you say? Well, she samples “Around the World” by ATC, which some of you might recognize. Written by the recognizableIyaz and produced by none other than J-J-J-J-J.R. Rotem, this song has enough in it to remind me of the 90’s – so in other words, I approve. So check out Beluga Heights’ newest artist with her single “La La La”:

Like this song? Check out her first album, Same Giirl. Her second untitled album is dropping sometime this year.

Alright (feat. Machel Montano) – Pitbull

This song is about a month old, but it gets me into the Summer/beach mood so easily, so I had to share it. “Mr. 305,” also known as Pitbull, can definitely make songs that can make even the most whitest of whites dance with such confidence that those around that person aren’t even embarrassed by their actions, but instead just impressed that they’re willing to go all out to one of Pitbull’s songs. When I listened to this song for the first time, I wished I was in Miami or something. When Fall/Winter rolls around again, you better believe this song will be on my music list to remind of warmer times. Check out “Alright” below and party.:

Like this song? Check out Pitbull’s album Rebelution, available now.


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