Live Blog: The Last Airbender

14 Jul

In 2006, I was sitting in my dorm room waiting to leave for my next class. As I was flipping through the channels, I saw a cartoon on Nickelodean that looked like anime. “Anime on Nick? What the huh?”, I thought to myself. So I watched a little bit of it – from the last few minutes I saw, I was intrigued. There were people with fire and water coming out of their hands and it was kung-fu! They were using actual martial art forms in this cartoon. Not to mention, the animation was smooth and the story peaked my interest.

And so began my love affair with Avatar: The Last Airbender. Let’s get one thing straight here, the cartoon is waaaaay different than the real life adaptation, “The Last Airbender.” So from what I’ve read before watching this movie, die hard fans of the animated series were overly disappointed with M. Night Shyamalan.  The cartoon had depth, good action, a good story, was developed at a good pace, combined seriousness and comedy beautifully. I mean, I can name a bunch of reasons to love the show just as passionately as people who have listed reasons to hate this movie. Anyway, when he took on this movie (after seeing his kids watching the show), it was more than just an adaptation of Avatar, this was M. Night’s “Last Chance”. Despite everyone I know trying to deter me from watching this movie and all of the scathing reviews I’ve read online, I decided to give it a try regardless of the backlash I might experience after reporting my, more thank likely terrible, experience. And this time, I am accompanied by Nicole, a movie buff/theater major! Hooray for film knowledge!

So here we go, I’ll see you guys on the other side. Yip yip!:

  • It’s an empty theater right now. This is gonna be good
  • Nicole and I are discussing the negative reviews we’ve read about this movie. It makes me sad that we can’t think of anything positive to counteract our preconciecved hatred for this movie
  • We’re having too much fun watching the commercials before the movie. This might be the last time we smile in the next hour and a half.
  • Ohhhp, two more people joined the festivities. They’re trying to figure out where to sit, it’s going to be bad at any angle guys.
  • Previews – my favorite part of going to the movies
  • The previews just got messed up…well this is a good sign
  • More people just arrived…but why? There is a whopping 9 people here.
  • So ‘The Green Hornet’ looks pretty entertaining
  • Ok finally, the movie. Well at least they got the beginning right.
  • They just said “Avatar” wrong….Oh, dear God…….

Keep reading for more of the liveblog!

  • Oh yay waterbending
  • So in this version Sokka is an abusive d bag.
  • I wish they didn’t keep telling you what was going on on screen through random narration.
  • The acting….kinda rough so far.
  • The boy in the iceberg!
  • I guess Katara and Sokka are adopted? Because that village is full of Asians.
  • “Zuka???”Are you serious right now?
  • God…the script is just as bad as the acting.
  • I’m more angry over the fact that this movie had so much potential.
  • “Eeroh”? God….does anybody pronounce anyone’s name right?
  • Apparently he’ll change hearts…the last Heart Bender
  • Nicole just groaned outloud. Well put Nicole…well put
  • “Ahng”….
  • M Night, you don’t have to use narration all the freaking time
  • Holy crap, say Aang’s name right please….
  • On a positive note, the special effects and the action isn’t bad at all.
  • Script…and pacing M Night…script and pacing…
  • I don’t remember commander Zhao being so sassy…*finger snaps*
  • Random child…
  • At least they’re trying to keep some of the humor in it
  • Asians! Earth bending Asians!
  • Nicole: “Is that Jin from Lost?” No, you racist…
  • Such an empowering speech…
  • “I ran away but I’m back now!” Wow….amazing line right there..
  • Aang just reminded the Earthbenders that their prison is on…the ground. Good job guys
  • And the Earthbenders, the only people who’ve showed any ounce of martial arts skill (besides the main characters) are done. Great.
  • Way to explain what’s about to happen next..
  • I don’t like the fact that Firebenders need fire around to bend it…it’s pretty much a nation of Pyros from X-Men
  • At least The Blue Spirit is tight
  • Why aren’t any of thar firebenders, firebending?
  • Finally, a reference to tea
  • Aang is so surrious..chill out dude
  • Ughhh….so. much. narration.
  • I don’t remember Master Pakku being an old, unathletic white guy. FIRE(bend) WHOEVER DID THE CASTING
  • Oh whaddup girl who plays Yue.
  • I wish Aang didnt do a form everytime he’s about bend an element.
  • Oof…girl who plays Yue, you’re pretty and all but…uh, act much?
  • To make this better, honestly, don’t market it to/ make it for kids. I guarantee a better result
  • It’s about an hour and a half into the movie and he finally calls the lemur “Momo”…took long enough
  • Random fat soldier FTW.
  • Seriously, it’s like calling Luke Skywalker, “Luck Skywallker.” Did anybody in the cast watch the show? No research?
  • The action is good…but it’s not enough to make up for the other flaws of this movie
  • No Kyoshi warriors? Guess not
  • The only person that was able to make fire out of nothing was Iroh….and he didn’t even do anything cool with it. Lame.
  • Aw yeah, get it “Soh-ka”
  • Nobody else is bending their elements except for the main characters. I call shenanigans
  • The random black monk is my favorite. If only they had the ultimate monk…Tony Shallub (sp?)
  • He made a wall of water……he made..a wall….WHERE WAS THE GIANT FISH THING?! WTFZOMG
  • Aaaand I demand a reboot with no M. Night near the project…..or at least a better second movie, with less M. Night.

And that does it folks! Overall, I’ll give this movie three “Uggghhhh,” four “Are you serious?” and one “You gotta be kidding me!” This could’ve been better, this could’ve been amazing.  It’s like watching your kid practice his/her heart out for a play. And in those moments when you catch him/her practicing, they seemed really good. Then you get to the actual play and he/she sucked ass. I’m more disappointed than angry. I think I’m going to get some ice cream…oohh brother… 😦

Kibitzer Rating: 2 out of 5


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4 Responses to “Live Blog: The Last Airbender”

  1. Ghudson July 14, 2010 at 10:21 pm #

    AND I QUOTE!!!!!
    “Genesis: the last airbender movie looks way too good
    me: …
    me: its about children…A CHILDRENS SHOW
    Genesis: i love it man…it love it


  2. Andrew July 15, 2010 at 7:23 am #

    I think “Eeroh” is just “Hello,” they just have a hard time with their L’s. You should be a little more sensative Genesis

  3. Nicole July 15, 2010 at 1:36 pm #

    wait.. how come we didn’t get ice cream?!

  4. courtney July 21, 2010 at 3:26 pm #

    sweet review- five snickers, twenty loud “no f’ing kidding!!”s, three unplanned snorts, and a general smattering of laughter all around. *thumbs up*

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