Live Blog: Tron Viewing

21 Jun

Now I might be the biggest fan of the new Tron: Legacy coming out this December, however I still have never seen the original! So I finally used my NetFlix account to go and grab it. And today, I am sitting down to watch it. In case you have never heard of this, here is a trailer below for it:

  • Okay, well that was an extremely cheesy looking DVD screen to choose from. Let’s go “start program!”
  • Ooo a bunch of dots…NO IT’S A CITY! NO IT’S FLYNN’S ARCADE!
  • Arcades bring back great memories of my childhood.
  • Oh my God – that is the worst green screen work I’ve ever seen…what am I getting myself into.

Click for more of my live blogging thoughts and review of Tron!

  • I cannot wait for the credits to thank the costume designer for this one!
  • The interior of the tank is def the coolest shot so far. But we are jumping right into this video game world – I thought it starts with him playing and then getting sucked in? OH THE PLOT TWISTS!!!
  • These graphics are like the brick screensaver from Windows 95
  • Oh boy and the acting..”Uh oh – we’ve got company!”
  • Jeff Bridges is so young!
  • “Mr. High and Mighty Master Control” – and a program is killed.
  • Ok that helicopter is actually awesome – they need to make that.
  • Wow remember typing out commands on computers? I cannot imagine someone born in the 1990’s understanding this movie at all.
  • So is the bad buy boss running the robot – or the robot running the bad guy boss?!
  • Ok now we’re in a laser research center? That puts the plot count to about 5 right now?
  • This better make sense soon Tron – now you’re making oranges disappear..
  • Ok there were two people over the age of 70 in Flynn’s arcade – PLOT HOLE!
  • Jeff Bridges has pit stains from getting the high record on a video game…that is embarrassing.
  • Alright we are getting Jeff to break it down for us – he must be the good guy!
  • Wait just one minute here! They went to go just warn him – and were at odds with Jeff, not they’re going to break in and help him destroy the system??
  • How can the new boyfriend not be sensing the sexual tension between his girl and Flynn?
  • Alright Flynn – let’s get in there and break down this robot voice!
  • Him getting sucked into the game was def the coolest part of the movie so far (besides that helicopter).
  • Well at least they’re finally inside the system. Let’s get this plot going!
  • Ok so now it’s Flynn’s first game – basically Pong and Jai Alai combined.
  • Wait a second – why are they in color now? Sometimes they are in color – other times in gray? Doesn’t make much sense…
  • Flynn’s holding his own here!
  • I wonder if there’s a giant face in my mac right now – probably in the face of Steve Jobs.
  • Ok so this is def the same technology at Windows 95 screensavers now.
  • Did they think this movie out before making it – or just rolled with it?
  • Oh Snap – he’s like the chosen one!
  • Not sure if I was supposed to notice this or was an homage to it – but when the general is looking at his grid – it’s just a Pac-Man game.
  • Did people in 1980 think this was realistic looking at all or did they chuckle at it too?
  • One of these three “good guys” is def dying.
  • Not the best scanners for life forms on those tanks. And he said no “life” – but RAM is just a program..
  • For about 3 seconds, I thought RAM and Flynn were going to kiss. Instead, as predicted, he dies.
  • I cannot imagine acting in this movie, I really hope there are behind the scenes. People must’ve been pretty low on life to agree to this movie.
  • Oh my GOD – just burst out laughing at this guy with a giant yellow hat – he is seriously made of cardboard!
  • Alright now we have the final mission for a new order.
  • Jeff Bridges isn’t even a main character in this movie! He’s been in it for like 20 minutes!
  • Sorry I honestly don’t even know what is happening right now. There’s a satellite going through space or something.
  • It just got deep guys – users act just like programs – it’s a message about our lives guys!! WE ARE BECOMING PROGRAMS!
  • Is this another joke? Green spider things?
  • Back to my previous point – they def just rolled with this and had no idea what they were doing.
  • Just to let everyone know, there are fifteen minutes left in this movie – and about an equal number of plot holes/stories to tie up.
  • Tron killing the sidekick bad guy was in cartoon form. Wait he’s not dead – he’s huge now. With no explanation.
  • Tron just got kissed by the girl who already kissed Flynn! YOU KISSED FLYNN TRON!
  • Well he did it. They saved the world? Or just a video game? Either way, the movie was filled with plot holes, and unless watched when it first came out, extremely outdated in technology. The final shot ends with a city in timelapse, basically trying too hard to show us that our cities are just like the computers. The movie tried to take itself too seriously at times and hurt itself in the process. Overall it was not a very good movie at all and I will not be recommending it to anyone. However, if you plan on seeing the Tron Legacy film later this year, you should prob out yourself through this also, because I mean, it looks incredible:

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