New Dr. Dre ft Jay-Z Track to Drop Soon!

1 Apr

Stop the presses on this one! Remember when Dr. Dre used to actually make music? It was when I was in middle school, that is how long it’s been. Well about 10 years later – and after about 5 years of rumors – his next album Detox looks like it’s finally near finished and ready.

Well a couple of days ago, Michael Yo of E! News tweeted a Dr. Dre and Jay-Z track would be coming this week, later chiming in Interscope was buzzing big about it. Now could it be Detox? Dre has been seen in Dr. Pepper ads and promos around the county (he’s even taking batting practice at Fenway Park Sunday night). Well it’s Thursday now – so expect the track to be coming out soon, hopefully. If it does, come on back and we’ll have it updated immediately. I hope it’s real – but I’m afraid it’s been so long since Dre did anything that it could be either a) so overhyped that it could never live up to the standards we have set for him, or b) he’s been gone so long it won’t be good.


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