It’s the Internets (03/29/2010)

29 Mar

Hey remember when we used to do this daily? Well it turns out that Genesis works in East Berlin circa 1983 now, so he is unable to keep all you readers up to date on the internets. So I thought, well Greg, you still don’t have a job, how about you help out? Well here I am, delivering my internet report to you. Enjoy.

  • I understand Obama is a cool guy, but now he reads Star Wars pop up books too?!
  • Did you see the Sharkman special last night on 60 Minutes? Well it was awesome. That’s because sharks are awesome. And now they are all compiled right here for you!
  • Remember Battlefield Earth with John Travolta? Called one of the worst movies ever made – well screenwriter J.D. Shapiro would like to apologize for that.
  • Hopefully this tiny invention will help clear all that space junk up.
  • It seems a new Star Wars video pops up every 8 seconds. This one is not only witty, but catchy. LET’S HEAR IT FOR NEW HOOOOOOPE!
  • This has to be fake. There is no way an elementary school could actually produce Scarface into a school play. (The girl deserves a child-Oscar)
  • I have always wanted to go sky-diving. But after seeing this video, I’m a little more timid towards it. After you watch it, answer this – so is the pilot actually dead? They seem to just leave that open ended..
  • And finally, giant bubbles of gas are threatening a small town in Indiana! Last time they popped one of these, the guy flew in the air 40 feet!

If you found something online, post it on the comments below. Don’t forget to check out today’s Monday Music Madness with Drizzy Drake! And follow us on Twitter!


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