24 Mar

Alright, let’s take some time here and play a quick game. We’ll show two videos and you tell us WHO IS MORE ‘MERICAN?!

Joe Biden

More than likely, you’ve already seen or heard this, but this is just so good. Good ‘ol Joey Beezee was able to take this momentous point in American history and make it straight up ‘Merican. Eff yeah Mr. Vice President! It just wouldn’t be as big of a deal if it wasn’t for you. Good call, sir.


George W. Bush

Now who loves America more than this guy? He went to war for America! He loves vocabulary and looking like the sun is constantly in his eyes. You know what George Jr doesn’t like? POOR PEOPLE! A former US President doesn’t need to go around touching random people! That’s just gross! That’s not how things are done in ‘Merica! (Skip to around the 10 second mark)

So –



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