Monday Music Madness: “Maybe So Maybe No” – Mayer Hawthorne & “Shut It Down” – Pitbull feat. Akon

22 Mar

Someone tipped me off to this band, and I’m real glad she did. I absolutely love the Motown sound. Mayer Hawthorne provides exactly that. This producer turned DJ turned rapper turned singer has that soulful sound that all songs in the 1960’s had. It’s just awesome. And apparently, he’s even more awesome-mer live in concert. Another positive about this song? It’s perfect cruising music. Check out the video for “Maybe So Maybe No” below:

Like this song? Download it here.

Thanks to Julia R.

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Club banger anyone? So after a ridiculously amazing dance party last weekend, I had to put this song in. No, it’s not the most brilliant, or original, of songs – but you sure can dance to it. Then again, Pitbull is pretty much known for making dance songs. Oh and Akon is in it too – because a hook just isn’t a hook if Akon isn’t singing it. Now dance your pants off to “Shut It Down”:

Like this song? Download it here.


What is this you ask? Oh, well it’s Alphabeat covering Lady Gaga. Who’s Alphabeat? NUKKA WHAT?! They’re a European band that sounds like they’re pretty much right out of the 90’s. Here’s a little taste of what they sound like. Enjoy:

Like this song? Download it here.



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