BREAKING: Great White Sharks vs Giant Squids

10 Mar

Yes, you are reading that correctly, and no it’s not the sequel to MegaShark v Giant Octopus.

It is however a new theory into the mysterious world of great whites. Most people tend to think of great whites as roaming off the coast and picking off little children. Well new studies reveal that the great white actually has strict migration patterns and populations. The shift began eight years ago with the surprising discovery that great white sharks migrate, somewhat as humpback whales do.

Marine ecologist Michael Domeier of the Marine Conservation Science Institute in Fallbrook is the man behind this new theory. Domeier said he believes the animals “are not a coastal shark that comes out to the middle of the ocean. They are an ocean shark that comes to the coast. It is a complete flip-flop.”

Picture them not as a dorsal fin off the beach but rather as an unseen leviathan swimming through black depths where the oxygen thins and fish glow in the dark, and maybe pouncing on a 30-foot squid.

That is incredible. I love sharks – and if I ever. EVER, got to see that battle under the sea, it might be the greatest day of my life. So why do the great whites do this? Why travel thousands of miles into the middle of the Pacific to hunt giant squid? Well, no one really knows this yet. Domeier and his team spent three years catching 22 great whites off Mexico’s Guadalupe Island, southwest of San Diego, and bolting high-tech tags to their fins. The crew used the tags to track the sharks to an area of the deep Pacific about 1,500 miles east of Kauai that scientists consider an ecological desert because it is so biologically unproductive.  There, the sharks abruptly ended their migration, and satellite tags showed them milling around and diving.

This area was high in one thing – squids.

An epic battle could be taking place right below the ocean that we might never see. Just think of it. Seeing a giant squid attack a great white (or multiple). This new theory that great whites migrate, mate offshore, and hunt squids just proves how little we know of both animals that have been around since dinosaurs.


One Response to “BREAKING: Great White Sharks vs Giant Squids”

  1. Rick December 25, 2010 at 6:50 pm #

    What a battle!

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