Monday Music Madness: “Giving Up the Gun” – Vampire Weekend & “Gorecki Fix Up My Girlfriend Some More” – Dan Black

22 Feb

We’ve featured Vampire Weekend here a lot. Let’s face it, they’re good. This song is off of their album “Contra”, which is on iTunes and in stores now. The Giving Up the Gun music video has a star-studded cast (RZA, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lil Jon & Joe Jonas) so it’s very entertaining. And the song’s great too:

We talked about Dan Black for some time now. As we expressed in our Next Big Band post, his sound is new and catchy. One thing I appreciate that he does, is he covers songs in a very unique way. Gorecki Fix Up My Girlfriend Some More is a cover of “Gimme Some More” by Busta Rhymes. You guys remember that song right? Check it out below:

Dan Black’s CD Un is available on iTunes.


Let’s face it Iyaz‘s “Replay” had us singing along with it by the time the song ended. But his new song Solo is just awful. This is a dumb follow-up to “Replay” but it’ll be overplayed on the radio. It’s just on here so we can eventually say “told you so”. Can’t wait:


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