It’s the Internets! (02/16/10)

16 Feb

It’s going to be weird putting in a full week’s worth of work. I mean, without random days of being off because of snowtastrophies, people are going to expect me to do something productive. Bleh. So I guess, while I have the chance, here’s the Internets!:

  • NERDS UNITE! The largest flashmob Lightsaber fight. <insert Duel of the Fates song> (Thanks Trevor T.)
  • Who wants to buy concealable weapons? Because this guy has what you need.
  • So apparently, monkeys are out to get us. (Thanks Ian D.)
  • If only this was a real show and if only someone like this existed – oh wait, I think I’m just referring to Maury. “I even ate a piece of poop once!”
  • And finally, if you’re brave enough, Chatroulette puts you in a random chat with someone else on the website. So if you have free time, a webcam, and don’t mind being creeeped out, check it out. (NOTE: Some of us here at Kibitzers would like to try this. So we’ll definitely chronicle our journey once we get a chance try it for ourselves)

If you found something online, post it on the comments below. And if you missed last week’s It’s the Internets!click here. A tribute to George Washington and Sexy Senior Photos! And follow us on Twitter!


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