Monday Music Madness:”Who Wants to Be Alone” – Tiësto feat. Nelly Furtado & “Freedom” – Clipse

25 Jan

So Tiësto and his crazy “e” is back with a sweet beat and a “collabo” with a known artist. It’s definitely not one of his best songs, but it’s decent and danceable to. If this song was a library book, I would file “Who Wants to Be Alone” under the Club Bangers section

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Do you guys remember the Clipse? Representing VA and what not? Well they’re back with a new song. Straying away from the 808’s and pop samples, “Freedom” uses, at least what it sounds like, an electric guitar, a drum, bass, and strings. Simple yet effective. Plus it doesn’t have that obnoxious horn sound, RIGHT DRAKE?


Nneka has a unique name and a unique sound. This girl can sing and she sure does remind me a lot of vintage Lauryn Hill – vintage meaning before she went B-A-N-A-N-A-S. I hope Nneka becomes huge. Talent like that can’t be overlooked for too long. And still don’t believe that she’s like a vintage Lauryn Hill? Alright, watch this then let me know. Check out the video to “The Uncomfortable Truth” below:

After moving to America when I was young, I was introduced to a band called Ace of Base. Know that I think back, I find it funny that my first “American” band wasn’t American at all. Regardless, ever since then, I’ve always enjoyed that pop-synthesized sound. Leighton Meester‘s “Your Love’s a Drug” has that sound down pat. And I couldn’t help but like it:


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