Monday Music Madness: “11th Dimension” – Julian Casablancas & “My Moon My Man (Boiz Noiz Remix)” – Feist

11 Jan

Julian Casablancas is the lead singer of the strokes as well as his side band, “Julian Casablancas”…original, no? I heard this song back in September when he performed it on Conan, but I guess it’s just getting to radio now? Anyway, check out the song “11th Dimension” below:

Feist‘s music can normally be described as indie or folk. Her song “1234”, made popular by iPod commercials, was a huge hit. Although her follow up songs weren’t as popular, “My Moon My Man” was one of my favorite follow-ups. This remix, however, makes that song less folky and more dancey, regardless of whether that’s a real word or not.


I’m not sure if he’s still relevant, since his last “good” song was “Love in This Club.” Anyway, here’s Usher‘s new single, “Daddy’s Home.” And no, the song’s not about being a father.


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