It’s the Internets! (01/05/10)

5 Jan

Whoa! Look at the time. Hmm, a little late on this one peeps and I’m sorry for that. Regardless, check out these sweet links:

  • Zordon is racist! Oh come on, like you didn’t know that before.
  • This 3-D stuff is getting ridiculous. 3-D TV? This needs to stop.
  • There’s nothing funny about being blind. But playing the cowbell is. Determine your moral stance on the situation and check out the Sad Cowbell Girl.
  • “Why are these bananas so addicting??”
  • Finally, animals are weird, and scientists have no idea why.

If you found something online, post it on the comments below. And if you missed yesterday’s It’s the Internets!click here to check it out. What changed over the past decade? Click over there to find out. And I personally think you should follow us on Twitter. How? Well here you go.


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