NFL 2009: Week 17 Predictions

3 Jan

A little to the left...ahh, there you go

Why hello there Hoi Polloi…. it’s been a while. We would like to apologize for last week, it was our last-minute bye-week due to the holiday. There were some crazy games that we wish we had covered for you. There is nothing to do now but look to this last week of the regular season. When we left off, Greg went 10 and 6 to win week 15. Yeah, it was that bad. Andrew went 8 and 8 and Genesis went 7 and 9. The overall standings are just as muddy as the AFC play off picture – Andrew only has a three game lead with 52 total wins and 28 losses. Genesis and Greg are tied at 49 and 31.

There are a lot of must win games this week. Let’s see if one the analysts can separate themselves from the rest.

Sunday, Jan. 3 1:00 PM:

Indianapolis Colts AT Buffalo Bills – Indianapolis proved that anyone can beat them when Peyton Manning is out, which in turns only fuels the MVP candidate talk. Neither team has much to play for, the Bills don’t have a chance to get into the playoffs so it’s really just about pride and T.O’s marketability.

Andrew’s pick – Buffalo Bills. No one likes losing, especially T.O and if he’s going to be going somewhere else next year he’s going to try to prove that he has what it takes to make a team win. The real issue here is that when the Colts rest Peyton Manning and the rest of the starters before the playoffs, the players tend to not be on the same page when they play later in January.

Greg’s pick – Indianapolis Colts. Even with the colts starters not playing, the Bills are still not good enough to compete.

Gen’s pick – Buffalo Bills. I’m pretty sure Jim Caldwell will do the right thing and bench his starters after the first half (assuming they even play at all). So I think the Bills will be able to win against the Colts’ finest bench warmers.


Jacksonville Jaguars AT Cleveland Browns – The Jaguars are out wide receiver Torry Holt, tight end Marcedes Lewis and cornerback Rashean Mathis, three of the four players that most people know on the team. The Cleveland Browns are coming off a three game winning streak, their first since 2007 and only their third since 1999. If the Browns beat the Jaguars, Cleveland will have their first four-game winning streak in their expansion era.

Andrew’s pick – Cleveland Browns. The Browns got A LOT of help from Oakland to win their third in a row but I like watching Jerome Harrison and Joshua Cribbs so I think they’ll pull out another squeaker.

Greg’s pick – Cleveland Browns. just give Cribbs the ball every play!

Gen’s pick – Cleveland Browns. I’m unimpressed with the Browns, but I’m even more unimpressed with the Jaguars. So, logically, I would have to pick the one that I think sucks less.

Chicago Bears AT Detroit Lions – The Bears are coming off a desperately needed over-time win against their NFC North rivals the Vikings. Jim Schwartz is filling in for injured Matthew Stafford and hopes to end the Lions season on a high note. Nothing else to play for in this game but pride and draft picks.

Andrew’s pick – Chicago Bears. Either way there’s going to be a lot of inteceptions right?

Greg’s pick – Chicago Bears. Poor Lions. Maybe next year. And maybe next year Cutler will be good?!

Gen’s pick – Chicago Bears. Unless your team rhymes with Sma Shmedskins, you’re going to win against the Lions.

San Francisco 49ers AT St. Louis Rams – The 49ers are one game away from going 8-8, which will be their first non-losing season since 2002 (I don’t like to call that a winning season). The Rams are one game away from the first round draft pick. We’re not trying to suggest that Rams would lose on purpose but…

Andrew’s pick – San Francisco 49ers. If this match up had happened earlier in the season, I would have bet that the 49ers would have over-looked the Rams because of their record and lost this game. But both teams want the 49ers to win, so let them have their cake and eat it too.

Greg’s pick – San Francisco 49ers. This team sure didn’t live up to the hype this year. Expect Steven Jackson to have an explosive game as might be on the move after this year.

Gen’s pick – San Francisco 49ers. I don’t think I’ve ever picked the Rams to win…

Pittsburgh Steelers AT Miami Dolphins – Finally a game with some play off potential. Don’t believe us? The Dolphins can clinch a playoff berth with a win plus a New York Jets loss, plus a Baltimore loss, plus a Houston loss, plus a Jacksonville loss. Ok, so maybe it’s a long shot but they still have something to play for. The Steelers have a better shot but it still requires a Houston loss and a New York Jets loss or a Baltimore loss. Miami could be playing without Rickie Williams and the Steelers have learned to win again without Troy Polamalu.

Andrew’s pick – Pittsburgh Steelers. Look for them to play their hearts out. They know how to win and will prove that they won’t go down without a fight… too bad it won’t help them get into the playoffs.

Greg’s pick – Pittsburgh Steelers. I am hoping this team doesn’t get in, but they will do their part and win today.

Gen’s pick – Pittsburgh Steelers. With their backs against the wall and a small beacon of light ahead, the Ben Stillers should be able to win against the Dolphins. LACES OUT!

New York Giants AT Minnesota Vikings – The Giants played themselves out of the playoff hunt with a sloppy loss to the Panthers. The Vikings have been looking sloppy too, although surprisingly not Brett Farve, but the seven other selected pro bowl players. The Vikings can clinch a much-needed first round bye with a win and a Philadelphia loss.

Andrew’s pick – Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings are home are usually a pretty solid bet. The Giants have been allowing the 4th highest points allowed by a defense and allowed the Panthers to run all over them. Without Brandon Jacobs the Giants need a lot of help to win.

Greg’s pick – Minnesota Vikings. They are the better team, and are now playing for a first round bye.

Gen’s pick – Minnesota Vikings. So how embarrassing was that Giants loss last week….oof. So with nothing to gain, watch the Vikings slay the Giants. YAY FOLK TALES!

Atlanta Falcons AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers – After dropping 12 of their first 13 games, the Buccaneers beat Seattle and New Orleans on the road for the team’s first two-game winning streak in more than a year. Tampa Bay also didn’t allow any points in the second half for the second straight week. Last week, Atlanta improved to 8-7 and has a chance to notch consecutive winning seasons for the first time in club history.

Andrew’s pick – Atlanta Falcons. I think the Falcons defense is finally improving, or at least against mediocre teams like the Bucs. I still like Josh Freeman though, so I hope he has a good game.

Greg’s Pick – Atlanta Falcons. They are the better team.

Gen’s pick – Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons still have a lot going for them despite some losses this season. Plus with Matt Ryan getting into rhythm again, they’ll win. Right?

New Orleans Saints AT Carolina Panthers – The Saints have averaged only 17 points the last two weeks, after averaging 36 points over the first 13 games and the result has been back to back losses. The Panthers have begun to play competitive football after switching it up at the quarterback position. Both teams will be without their superstars, for the Saints it’s Drew Brees and Darren Sharper and for the Panthers – DeAngelo Williams is doubtful and fellow running back Jonathan Stewart is questionable.

Andrew’s pick – Carolina Panthers. The Saints really don’t have anything to play for unless they just want to beat up on the Panthers. I think they’ll decided to rest the majority of the starters and let the game play itself out.

Greg’s Pick – New Orleans Saints. Right the ship on the way into the playoffs.

Gen’s pick – Carolina Panthers. I’m going to have to go with Andrew with this one. The Saints will give their team the ol’ Colts treatment and bench their starters. FORMER REDSKIN ON THE FIELD TODAY GUYS!

New England Patriots AT Houston Texans – The Patriots have clinched the AFC East and don’t stand to gain or lose anything with a win or loss, however, the playoff ramifications of this game are wide spread. If Houston wins then the Steelers will be hard pressed to make it into the playoffs and most teams would rather play the Jets than the Steelers. The real fun comes with the potential Broncos/Patriots rematch in the first round.

Andrew’s pick – Houston Texans. – The Pats on the road are bad enough, and even though I don’t think Bill Belichick wants to necessarily lose this game, I think he would rather keep the Steelers out of the playoffs.

Greg’s Pick – Houston Texans. Sorry Steelers, you’re out!!

Gen’s pick – Houston Texans. Nobody wants to see the Champs in this years’ playoffs.

Sunday, Jan. 3 4:15 PM:

Green Bay Packers AT Arizona Cardinals – Neither team has much to play for in this game, but this is sure to be a preview of a future playoff game so it will be a good trial game. If the Vikings lose and Philadelphia loses then the Cardinals could clinch the second seed in the NFC with a win. There is no word on whether or not either team will rest their starters so expect a full starting line up for at least the first half.

Andrew’s pick – Green Bay Packers. I think Green Bay is the more complete team.

Greg’s Pick – Green Bay Packers.

Gen’s pick – Arizona Cardinals. First, great reasoning Greg. Second, I think Cardinals look pretty.

Washington Redskins AT San Diego Chargers – Ten straight wins gave the Chargers the AFC West and the first round bye. They can also afford to rest several key starters this week for an extra break. The Redskins haven’t even been playing competitive football so much of the talk around town has focused on the changes predicted at head coach.

Andrew’s pick – Washington Redskins. The Redskins starters should be able to beat the Chargers second string, right?

Greg’s Pick – San Diego Chargers.

Gen’s pick – Washington Redskins. Let’s hope the Redskins can end the season on a high note.

Tennessee Titans AT Seattle Seahawks – After making a surprisingly terrible start of the season and maybe even a more surprising rebound under Vince Young the Titans just missed the playoff picture after losing on Christmas. The Titans franchise is 0-5 against the Seahawks since Fisher took over as coach in 1994. This season the Seahawks have dropped nine games by double digits and for one reason or another have not had much success this year.

Andrew’s pick – Tennessee Titans. Chris Johnson deserves a 2,000 yard season, so just give it to him.

Greg’s Pick – Tennessee Titans.

Gen’s pick – Tennessee Titans. I selected the Seahawks before and that was a mistake. Plus, the Titans have “Run-plestilskin” Chris Johnson.

Baltimore Ravens AT Oakland Raiders – If the Ravens win, then they are in the playoffs. That was also the case week against the Steelers but a serious amount of penalties prevented them from winning. Penalties have cost the Ravens an NFL-high 1,057 yards, and with 11 more yards lost against Oakland they’ll break the franchise record. Recent history says that a game against the Raiders would all but guarantees a win but this season that Raiders have pulled out their fair share of upsets. Unfortunately, not even their fans think the Raiders stand a chance since the game will be blacked out in the Oakland area.

Andrew’s pick – Baltimore Ravens. The Raiders are second in the AFC for penalties, so even if the Ravens have another 100+ game the Raiders shouldn’t be too far behind. I don’t think Charlie Frye will have as good of a day against the Ravens as he did against the Browns.

Greg’s Pick – Baltimore Ravens. Sorry Steelers!!

Gen’s pick – Baltimore Ravens. If they can stop from getting an absurd amount of penalties for this game, they’ll be on their way to the playoffs.

Philadelphia Eagles AT Dallas Cowboys – Although all the teams have been decided for the playoffs in the NFC there is still a lot at stake in this game. The Cowboys (10-5) are trying to win their second division title in three years and Philadelphia (11-4) seeks its first since 2006. The Cowboys can even get a first round bye with some luck. The Eagles just need to maintain their current streak and think about how last year they rolled the Cowboys 44-6 and not how the Cowboys are the only team the Eagles lost to in the division this year.

Andrew’s pick – Philadelphia Eagles. Honestly, either team has the make up to win this game. Both can play well but have the tendency to fall flat during big games, especially once it enters into playoff season. Either way, it should be a decent game.

Greg’s Pick – Dallas Cowboys. December victories continue for Romo.

Gen’s pick – Philadelphia Eagles. Whoever wins this game will go pretty far in the playoffs, I think. I hope the Eagles have something crafty plays put together with Vick and McNabb both in there.

Kansas City Chiefs AT Denver Broncos – The Broncos don’t control their own destiny, but it certainly helps that Denver is playing the much maligned Kansas City Chiefs. There are at least 10 different playoff scenarios that can allow them to get into the playoffs. The Broncos have won eight in a row at home against Kansas City, which is already assured of finishing last in the conference. The Chiefs, though, are primed to play spoiler. Kansas City has lost five in a row, but played tough in last week’s 17-10 loss to AFC North champion Cincinnati.

Andrew’s pick – Denver Broncos. If Denver losses this game then they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.

Greg’s Pick – Kansas City Chiefs.

Gen’s Pick – Denver Broncos. Is Eddie Royal still hurt? Either way, they should be able to win here, because they deserve to be in the playoffs, right?

Sunday, Jan. 3 8:30 PM:

Cincinnati Bengals AT New York Jets – This game probably has the most playoff implications of any game. The Bengals need to get focused on the post season and don’t gain anything with a win. The Jets desperately need a win and can be a big spoiler for a lot of teams for the playoff race.

Andrew’s pick – New York Jets. Apparently, I have more faith in the Jets than their own coach does.

Greg’s Pick – Cincinnati Bengals.

Gen’s Pick – Cincinnati Bengals. They’re a much more better team. That is all.


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