Your Next Big Band: Bear in Heaven

30 Dec

Here is a band I literally had not heard until today. I was going to write on a different band, but Bear in Heaven was recommended to me by Jeff, over at New Millenial, they made such an impression on me this morning – they are my next big band.

As pretty much every good indie band these days, Bear in Heaven is based in Brooklyn (all members from Georgia and Alabama) – formed by Jon Philpot (who messed around with his first band, The Presocratics). The band has a psychedelic-electronic feel to it. All their instruments blend together to create one massive sound that you have not heard else where. I sense a bit of MGMT in songs like “Lovesick Teenagers”.  They might sound like a band you know – but they still maintain their own sound.

More After the Jump (with songs!)

They released an EP in 2003, then their first full album in 2007, however Bear lost their bassist after 2007 to his own project. So they now tour with a four set. Their most recent album is their best sounding. Their previous albums seemed to be jammed together in a garage basement – and sounded like it. While on Beast Rest Forth Mouth (November 2009),  their instruments blend together with the vocals of Philpot. This album received some critical acclaim, particularly from Pitchfork, who gave Bear in Heaven the “Best New Music”:

“Beast Rest Forth Mouth is as familiar-feeling as it is difficult to pinpoint. Mostly made up of textural, spacious three- to four-minute pop anthems with towering choruses, BRFM is a welcome reminder that an album doesn’t have to be bombastic to feel huge and important. Take out the earbuds and let it fill a space: This is music that’s bigger than your iPod—music you’ll want to feel all around you…Bear in Heaven’s greatest trick is creating music that evokes the sort of physicality and scope that could soundtrack a Hollywood film, but also works equally well at stirring up intimate bodily passion.”

Bear in Heaven seemingly has set about to take over the internet, with a blog, twitter, site, and myspace.

They has also released tour dates, and look at that – they’re coming to DC! Get your tickets here.

And for fun, here’s one more song:


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