Monday Music Madness: “Break Your Heart” – Taio Cruz & “Tie Me Down” – New Boyz feat. Ray J

28 Dec

I’ve never heard of this guy but this song has got me hooked. This song reminds me of Summer, which is a good thing since it’s after Christmas and there’s no point to winter now. “Break Your Heart” reminds me a lot of “Sexy Chick”. Similarly, Taio Cruz reminds me a lot of Akon, except I think this guy can sing. If this song makes it to radio, which I hope it does, this is a definite Top 40 song. Check out the song below and the official music video here.

Did “You’re a Jerk?” ever make it to the radio? I don’t remember hearing it. New Boyz has a new song that breaks away from talking about jerkin’. The video doesn’t even show enough jerkin’! What is this?! But this song is decent and is definitely another “Summer” song. Check it out below.


Remember that new mysterious new band Monarchy? Well, no one knows who they are still, but they released a new song, and it’s their best yet. Follow the link to get to it.

Monarchy – “The Phoenix Alive”


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