Merry Christmas Papua New Guinea highlanders!

18 Dec

According to ABC news, deep in the mysterious rainforests of Papua New Guinea, hundreds of feet in the air, lives….hundreds of drunk people!? That’s right Hoi Polloi, after the driver of a truck carrying 4,000 cartons of beer ran off the road, all (seriously) the local villagers ran to the aid of the beer. Luckily, the driver wasn’t hurt. The villagers tore open the trailer and ran off with the beer. I’m picturing something like this:

The best part about this is eyewitnesses stated that almost everyone from three nearby villages was drunk and police had to disperse crowds of drunks who had gathered on the road to harass passers-by. Keep an eye out for the follow up story about three villages that suddenly invaded a local Waffle House at 3 a.m.

Update! This just in from the Kibitzer’s Papua New Guinea¬†insider – “…[this] sort of stuff happens quite frequently.” Pretty funny. I love to just imagine all these drunk villagers heckling people as they drive by.


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