Tobey Macguire as Bilbo Baggins?

17 Dec

That’s what the guys over at Latino Review are saying.

With the filming of The Hobbit set to get underway this weekend (finally!) – there is still no official announcement as to who is playing the lead of Bilbo Baggins. Well it was first rumored that James McAvoy (not a bad choice) was a contender until Peter Jackson debunked that rumor. Then Daniel Radcliffe was making the rumor mill until he personally said, “Thanks. But no thanks.” Which is a good career move on his part.

Well during the filming of Brothers, Tobey Macguire mentioned it had always been a dream of his work with Guillermo del Toro – who just happens to be directing The Hobbit. Well what exactly did he say in regards to del Toro you ask?

“We may have something here in the near future.”

What does that mean Tobey!? Well speculation is that he will take up the role of Bilbo, being reported that the CAA (agency representing Tobey) are working on the deal right now. HOWEVER – Tobey has said recently that he has not met with del Toro at all.

“I love Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson, and I certainly wouldn’t take myself out of the conversation … if I was part of it. But I haven’t read a script or talked to anybody about it.”

So that quote basically means nothing – thanks.

And if you’re asking yourself – well what does “Latino Review” know anyways?! Well they’re the same guys who first correctly reported that Brandon Routh would playing Superman and that Heath Ledger had been cast as The Joker in The Dark Knight.


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