Indie Wednesday: The xx

16 Dec

In a new weekly feature here on Kibitzers, I will try and share my musical knowledge, that I claim to have, with you. Every Wednesday be sure to check back here and see what the next new band you should be following is. Last week was the mysterious band Monarchy. This week, The xx.

How to describe this band? The a group from south west London, formed in 2005. They are a group of four 20 year olds who met in school (same school as Hot Chip).  They were placed at number 6 in the 2009 NME The Future 50 list. To date they have one album, self tited, xx, which was released on August 17, 2009. If you have listened to their album, you notice that they have soft vocals, “whispery” throughout it, well, would you want to wake up your neighbors at night?

They recorded the album in a small garage that was part of the XL studios, often at night, which contributed to the sleek, whispery nature of the album.

More after the jump (including an mp3!)

They have achieved some status in mainstream society lately however – so make sure to jump on this bandwagon quick! Their single “Crystalised” was featured on iTunes (UK) as Single of the Week in August. Their song Intro is also being used in a promotional commercial for the show Cold Case and Law & Order on the Dutch television network Net 5, and VCR was featured in a Lie to me episode. So crime shows LOVE xx apparently.

Anyways, their music can seem dreary at times, however The xx carry a solid tune and high pitch strings to keep you interested and near mesmerized as you listen to their lyrics molding with the instruments. Listening, it sounds almost careless in the way the melodies meander, but it retains beauty and meaning. Oliver Sim sounds like he is singing in his sleep. They primarily sing about sex throughout their songs which you can pick up on. For instance in “Crystalised,” a song which seems to be two lovers arguing over going to fast or slow in a relationship, a lyric is: “Do I have to keep up the pace, To keep you satisfied?”

So you can either head to their myspace account to listen to some tracks, check out their official site for more info, watch their music video above, OR thank the blog Music For Ants for providing awesome music and this mp3 link I took below:

The xx – “Crystalised”


One Response to “Indie Wednesday: The xx”

  1. mervdiddy December 17, 2009 at 3:23 pm #

    Love them. And they’re going to be in DC twice this spring. Also, in addition to Hot Chip, they went to the same high school as Burial as well.

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