Monday Music Madness: “My Secret Lover” – Private and “I Say Fever” – Ramona Falls

14 Dec

When I heard this song, I could not help but compare this band’s sound and feel to that of the late Michael Jackson. I mean, seriously, the singer’s voice is eerily similar to that of MJ and don’t get me started on the pop sounds that’s definitely inspired by the “King of Pop.” Private is a European pop band with a style described as “classic pop melody with modern dance beats.” And did I mention THIS GUY SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON?! Check out Private’s “My Secret Lover” video below:

This song is hypnotizing and strange just like the music video. Ramona Falls, is an indie rock band that definitely has a unique sound. Their song, “I Say Fever” is so haunting. Just make sure you don’t watch the video at night, ok? It’s really really REALLY REALLY REALLY weird.


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