Your Next Big Band: Monarchy

7 Dec

No one knows much about this new band Monarchy, but I can tell you one thing – they are surrounded by hype in the music blog world. All that is known about the group is that they are a duo from London. The Guardian tried their best to describe their sound:

…a little bit synth-pop, a little bit electro-funk, a little bit French disco, and a little bit Yacht Rock – some wag has suggested they’d sound great at a club played inbetween Daft Punk and Scissor Sisters…

The duo is giving literally nothing away to the public. As you might have noticed, there is nothing on their MySpace site except for 2 songs and 2 remixes. In their only interview (text), their responses were meaningless. Unless you can decipher lines like this:

“We swim with currents and stand like rocks”.

Their songs seem so easy going and flow so well together with their vocals  you’d forget you listened to it 5 times already. The single will be officially released in February 2010, while the CD will be available in summer 2010. Still no word on when this band will release their true identities, but the blog world will continue to guess, ELO? Hot Chip? Passion Pit? Scissor Sisters…?

In the meantime, check out this track via Pretty Much Amazing:

Monarchy – Black, the Colour of my Heart


One Response to “Your Next Big Band: Monarchy”

  1. EB December 7, 2009 at 4:08 pm #

    How can you be sure they will be the next big thing if “All that is known about the group is that they are a duo from London” and they’ve released 2 songs? I will give you 1000 to 1 odds that they are not.

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