It’s the Internets! (12/7/09)

7 Dec

Hey everyone! It’s Monday, so you know what that means? Everyone’s trying to figure out how to do the least amount of work while trying to plan the events for the upcoming weekend? AMRIGHT?! Well, in the meantime, take a break from slacking off and slack off some more by checking out what’s on the Internets:

  • Why the internet loves cats, I will never know. But check out this cat trying to fix a printer – complete with cute subtitles! OMGI’MMELTING! [Thanks Becky W.]
  • If you’re a fan of Macho Man Randy Savage, well then, here are a bunch of his ridiculous interviews in one neat little video. OHHH YEAAHHH
  • I swear, when space travel becomes commercialized and affordable, I’m definitely doing it
  • NERD ALERT!: Luke Skywalker has OCD. That look on Han Solo’s face at the end is hilarious
  • In the spirit of Christmas, we present to you Sketchy Santas! We ho-ho-hope they don’t touch your Linus
  • And finally, the BEST Christmas light display!!! Seriously though, I never wanted to rave to Amazing Grace until now. [Thanks Lauren L.]

If you have anything amazing to show us, or the internet community, put it on the comments below and we’ll get it up here.

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Thanks again for reading.

Dick Wolf


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