NFL 2009: Week 13 Predictions

3 Dec

First things first hoi polloi, let’s make sure you know who to listen to before you borrow any more money from Grandma. Although each Kibitzer improved their prediction scores from week 12, none were as impressive at Gen who picked 13 games correctly out of 16. Andrew and Gen were tied with 12 correct going into the Monday night game between the Pats and Saints, but Andrew predicted that the Pats were going to pull out the upset. In hindsight, this makes him look foolish and weak. Andrew ended at 12 and 4 and Greg improved (but fell to last for the week) with 11 and 5. Overall, Gen leads the Kibitzers with 23 and 9 and Andrew and Greg are tied at 21 and 11.

If this week is anything like last week, the Kibitzers will be flawless…

Thursday Dec. 03, 8:20 PM:

New York Jets AT Buffalo Bills – The Bills showed that they still know how to play football after the 3rd quarter by beating Miami and by putting up as many points in the fourth quarter (24) as the Bills had scored in an entire game all year. The Jets have the second best rushing attack while the Bills are last in the league against the run. The last time the Jets played the Bills, Thomas Jones YPC (9.5) was higher than Mark Sanchez’s QB rating (8.3).

Andrew’s pick – New York Jets. The Bills aren’t really at home, they’re playing in Canada again.  Although neither team has that much going for it on offense the Jets defense should be able to keep the Bills out of the end zone to ensure a win.

Greg’s Pick – Buffalo Bills. The Bills finally are throwing the ball deep and realizing they have two amazing wide receivers. Expect an onslaught on the Jets defense, and Sanchez to have a rough game once again.

Gen’s Pick – Buffalo Bills. The Bills’ defense had four interceptions last week against Miami. Mark Sanchez, who looooves getting picked off (17 so far this season) will definitely blow it again this Sunday. Watch for the improving Bills offense to use TO and Fred Jackson again.

The rest of the picks:

Sunday, Dec. 06, 1:00 Pm:

Philadelphia Eagles AT Atlanta Falcons – Both teams are coming off important division wins to keep their playoff chances alive. Matt Ryan has already been ruled out of this game with turf toe and Michael Turner is currently on the fence with an ankle injury. The Eagles lost DeSean Jackson to a concussion at the end of last weeks game and given all the focus on how the NFL handles concussions it seems likely that the Eagles won’t play him.

Andrew’s pick – Philadelphia Eagles. Even though the Eagles struggled against the Redskins, they were able to find a way to win collectively as a team. The Falcons are inexperienced at quarterback and if things go wrong, rookie  John Parker Wilson could face the Eagles’ top ten defense.

Greg’s Pick – Philadelphia Eagles. Matt Ryan out and a question mark next to Turner lead to trouble in Atlanta. Enjoy the welcome back to ATL Vick, you will most likely play three plays and do absolutely nothing.

Gen’s Pick – Philadelphia Eagles. Last week, both teams came back from point deficits to win their respective games. However, with Matt Ryan out and with McNabb still able to do work on the field, I don’t think Atlanta will be able to play effectively against the Eagles.

St. Louis Rams AT Chicago Bears –  The Chicago Bears have won one game since their week five bye. The Rams have won one game period. Dare we say the most exciting game of the year!?

Andrew’s pick – Chicago Bears. Both teams have found impressive ways to lose but without Marc Bulger, the Rams really have little hope.

Greg’s Pick – Chicago Bears. Couldn’t have said it any better Andrew.

Gen’s Pick – Chicago Bears. [please see above]

Detroit Lions AT Cincinnati Bengals –  The Bengals defense has allowed for them to remain on top of the AFC North by allowing the league’s fewest points per game with 15.8. The Lions defense ranks last in the league in total yards and passing yards allowed.

Andrew picks – Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals already have a 100+ yard rusher in Larry Johnson and are expecting their leading rusher, Cedric Benson, to return for this game. With the depth at running back, the Bengals should be able to control this entire game.

Greg’s Pick – Cincinnati Bengals. Just too much work for the Lions to hang in this one.

Gen’s Pick – Cincinnati Bengals. We told you the loss to Oakland was a fluke. With over 200+ yards on offense last Sunday against the Browns, the Bengals will overwhelm the Lions in this kitty cat fight. *Reeeer*

Oakland Raiders AT Pittsburgh Steelers –  After losing to the Ravens, the Steelers have dropped to third place in their division. The Steelers defense is 1st against the rush and the Raiders are last in the league in passing yards. Where is Darrius Heyward-Bey when you need him!?

Andrew’s pick – Pittsburgh Steelers. The Raiders have come up big in a few games, surprising the very same Bengals that had swept the Steelers the week before. Don’t expect an upset in this one. Even with Big Ben returning I expect the Steelers to put up 12 points which is more than the Raiders are averaging.

Greg’s Pick – Oakland Raiders. That’s right, the ol’ upset. The Steelers are coming into this week with a lot of distractions going on inside the locker room – SWOOP – Raiders steal a win in Pittsburgh.

Gen’s Pick – Pittsburgh Steelers. As much as I want to put faith in Oakland taking advantage of the distracted (Ben) “Stillers” this week, I learned my lesson when I counted on them to rain on the Cowboys’ parade. So this week, I’m putting my faith in you Pittstburgh (who might have Ben Hambrugler back this Sunday). Don’t let me down.

Tennessee Titans AT Indianapolis Colts – Vince Young led an impressive last-minute drive to beat the University of South Cali…wait… Matt Lienhert and the… Cardinals! That’s right. Payton Manning seems to do that just for kicks and has been rewarded with the first team to lock up a playoff spot. Despite the teams over all records, both quarterbacks are unbeaten this season.

Andrew’s pick – Indianapolis Colts. Ordinarily with a play off birth I would be afraid of the Colts would be looking towards, well, the playoffs, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The Colts will probably try their hand at the run game, but not until after Peyton makes sure they get the first round bye and home field advantage.

Greg’s Pick – Tennessee Titans. How many times do I have to pick against the Colts for them to actually lose? At least once more…The Titans are playing with fire and actually believe in each other.

Gen’s Pick – Indianapolis Colts. Do you know how long it took me to write down my prediction? On one hand, the Titans have a five game winning streak. On the other hand, the Colts are undefeated. Last week, the Titans won against the Warner-less Cardinals in the final seconds. And on the other hand, the Colts came back in the second half to take the lead and never looked back. But reminiscent of the Redskins a couple of years back when Todd Collins took the place of an injured dumb-dumb Campbell, the weight on Young’s shoulders will finally make him and the Titans buckle in this week’s loss to the Colts.

Denver Broncos AT Kansas City Chiefs – More than six million viewers heard Josh McDaniels curse out his penalty prone offense during the Thanksgiving Day game last week. Luckily, it seemed to work and the Broncos crushed the Giants. The Chiefs put up more points against the Chargers than the Broncos did but still lost by the same margin (29).

Andrew’s pick – Denver Broncos. This on again off again offense should look like the team that started the season 6-0 against the Chiefs’ defense.

Greg’s Pick – Denver Broncos. Seems like McDaniels might have righted the ship. Just in time for an old rivalry with the Chiefs.

Gen’s Pick – Denver Broncos. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal running like Chris Farley running away from bees (Bees? bzzzzzzz!!!) in the open field!

New England Patriots AT Miami Dolphins –  Once again the Patriots are coming off another tough loss and are traveling to take it out on a division rival. The Dolphins are starting to show their true colors without Ronnie Brown but he didn’t play defense, so how did they lose to the Bills?

Andrew’s pick – New England Patriots. The Bills put up 24 in the fourth quarter against Miami. Brady got a little extra rest by being benched with four minutes remaining in the Saints game after getting stuffed all game. Miami won’t have the Defense to slow Brady in this game.

Greg’s Pick – New England Patriots. That was one tough game to watch on Monday Night, however the Pats bounce back and avoid losing to a division rival (who for some reason always has their number). Pats win in a squeaker.

Gen’s Pick – New England Patriots. After being spanked like a little boy and being put in timeout by Belichick, Brady and the Pats will take the pent up frustrations from Monday night and use it for a win against Miami.

New Orleans Saints AT Washington Redskins – This game will be a homecoming for a lot of people on the Saints – Mark Brunell, Leigh Torrence, Pierson Prioleau, Chase Daniels and maybe most importantly Greg Williams. In case you missed it, Greg Williams was all but guaranteed the head coaching position in Washington after Joe Gibbs retired, but you know how that turned out. If Greg Williams’ defense likes him at all they will be playing really hard on Sunday.

Andrew’s pick – New Orleans Saints. The Saints have had a couple close games (the Rams anyone?) but were perfect against the Patriots. Even if the Skins’ defense keeps this game close, the offense just won’t be able to get it  done.

Greg’s Pick – New Orleans Saints. It will be a miracle if the Redskins are even close in this game. The Saints are the total package.

Gen’s Pick – New Orleans Saints. The Saints put up 38 points against New England. The Pats only managed to generate 17 points. The Skins’ defense will be swallowed up by the overpowering offense of the Saints. The Saints will be marching in and drinking someone’s milkshake.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers AT Carolina Panthers –  The Panthers are banged up and may keep Delhomme on the bench due to a fractured finger on his throwing hand. The Buccaneers are 1 and 10 but have been playing better with Raheem Morris calling the plays on defense and Josh Freeman at the helm (pirate reference, oh yeah!).

Andrew’s pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs are getting it together. They need a lot of help and just might get it from untested Panthers quarterback Matt Moore, who may replace Delhomme in this game.

Greg’s Pick – Carolina Panthers. When in doubt – pick DeAngelo Williams. The running attack of the Panthers carries them past the Bucs. Freeman will throw a couple picks.

Gen’s Pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs put up 17 points last game while Carolina only put up six points. Remember, the Bucs did have the lead until that late pass by Chris Redman. I don’t think the Bucs have to worry about Carolina rallying late, or at any point, in the game.

Houston Texans AT Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jaguars generally can slow down Andre Johnson by placing their top corner, Rashean Mathis, on him. That won’t happen this week as Mathis is out due to his lingering groin injury. The Texans have been working hard at winning, but still have come up short.

Andrew’s pick – Houston Texans. Andre Johnson running free is Matt Schaub’s wet dream (gross). I don’t think the Jaguars are going to put up 21 in the fourth quarter, like the Colts did last week, to steal this game from the Texans.

Greg’s Pick – Houston Texans. The Jaguars started to figure things out, but just not enough to pull out a win against the Texans, but they’ll keep it close.

Gen’s Pick – Houston Texans. Hey, they did very well against the Colts. Jacksonville put up one field goal the entire game against San Fran. Look for another mis-match this Sunday with the Texans coming out on top.

Sunday, Dec. 06, 4:05 PM:

San Diego Chargers AT Cleveland Browns – The San Diego Chargers have established themselves at the top of their division. The Browns have established that they are still really bad.

Andrew’s pick – San Diego Chargers. If old man Larry Johnson can put up 107 yards on the Browns, I’m pretty sure LT will be able to as well.

Greg’s Pick – San Diego Chargers. I really don’t like this team at all, but they have really pulled it all together and are looking like a tough team headed into the playoffs strong.

Gen’s Pick – San Diego Chargers. The passing game was impressive last Sunday for the Chargers. I think the Chargers will be able to take away the ball on defense and score following the turnover the way they did with the Chiefs.

Sunday, Dec. 06, 4:15 PM:

Dallas Cowboys AT New York Giants – The Cowboys started off flat but have won six of their last seven. The Giants started off hot but have only won five of their last six. The Giants need this win to sweep the Cowboys and to stay in the playoff hunt.

Andrew’s pick – Dallas Cowboys. I would really like to see the Giants take this and even though they say Eli’s stress fracture isn’t effecting him, 6 points against Denver says it is. The Giants are just too banged up to pull out a victory.

Greg’s Pick – Dallas Cowboys. Could this be the year Romo breaks his awful December losing record? Well he’ll try – Cowboys in a rout.

Gen’s Pick – Dallas Cowboys. The Giants are playing hurt, disheartened, and distracted. The Cowboys, who are leading the division, won’t blow it – yet.

San Francisco 49ers AT Seattle Seahawks – 49ers head coach Mike Singletary asked his players what they thought needed to change in order to get their offense in better rhythm. Their answer: the spread offense. Both teams would like this win to close the gaps in the division. 49ers rush defense should put the ball in Matt Hasselback’s hands which could potentially be deadly, but hasn’t been recently.

Andrew’s pick- San Francisco 49ers. Both teams are inconsistent on both sides of the ball but the Seahawks don’t seem to have a clue of what to do with themselves.

Greg’s Pick – Seattle Seahawks. This game could go either way, so I’m picking the home field advantage of the Seahawks.

Gen’s Pick – San Francisco 49ers. It’s going to be a close one indeed. But I think San Francisco will be able to pull out a win. That IS fun to say, Francisco….Francisco…

Sunday, Dec. 06, 8:20 PM:

Minnesota Vikings AT Arizona Cardinals – One year after playing in the Superbowl, the Cardinals are looking like a team that needs to be rebuilt. Kurt Warner is practicing again have receiving a concussion two games ago but has had post-concussion symptoms as recent as Monday of this week. The Vikings have thoroughly won their last three games but haven’t really been challenged either.

Andrew’s pick – Minnesota Vikings. The Cardinals will need a lot of help on defense to keep one of the many scoring Vikings out of the end zone. If Warner plays and Jarred Allen sacks him (or cheap shots him) Warner could end up on IR.

Greg’s Pick – Minnesota Vikings. Once again we get to see Favre! THANK GOD! He’ll lead a late game comeback to take the victory out of the desert!

Gen’s Pick – Minnesota Vikings. First, I would like to apologize to Kurt Warner (who is not reading this) for making fun of his migraines last week. Secondly, if he sits out again, Leinart will not be able to play catch-up with the human red wine, Brett Favre…because he gets better with age…(*late rim shot*)

Monday, Dec. 07, 8:30 PM:

Baltimore Ravens AT Green Bay Packers – Both teams are second in their division but are in the thick of the playoff hunt. The Packers will be really rested coming off their win over the Lions on Thanksgiving (seems like forever ago doesn’t it?). The Ravens seem to have lost a step on Defense, but can still come up big when it matters.

Andrew’s pick – Green Bay Packers. I think something has clicked within this organization and they are playing well-rounded football. If their defense clamps down, the Ravens won’t stand a chance.

Greg’s Pick – Baltimore Ravens. Flacco will finally show up again and break out of his slump while Aaron Rodgers will crumble (3 turnovers).

Gen’s Pick – Green Bay Packers. Both have been off and on the past couple of weeks. But I think, with home field advantage, the Pacs will be able to pull out a victory.


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