Stop Pushing Xbox on Me: I’m Happy With My PS3

2 Dec

I have been playing video games since I was three years old – beating Mario on the original Nintendo, learning what it meant to finish a game. The feeling of utter joy – I SAVED THE PRINCESS SINGLE HANDILY! Well since then I have played just about every game console out there, from GameGear to Dreamcast.

The Console Wars continue. Since the release of Microsoft’s XBox back on November 15 2001, it has been a never ending battle back and forth with Sony’s Playstation2 (October 2000). I will mention that Nintendo also released their GameCube around the same time in 2001 also (but was a non-factor). The Console Wars raged on, and continued with the release of all three company’s newest gaming platforms: XBox 360 (2005), Playstation 3 (2006), and Nintendo Wii (2006).

In an unexpected twist, the cheapest platform, the Nintendo Wii outsold it’s two competitors – by a lot. Wii has dropped in sales by 46% though, most likely due to everyone in the world already owning one.

This is the part of the article where I bash the XBox.

Now I have played all three, and own both a Wii and PS3 (thank you for the free one!). And I have to say that through the years PS3 has been the best I’ve played. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard stories of my friend’s XBox’s failing them – – the dreaded red circle of death! No comparable event lives in the Playstation world. You might be saying, “But Greg, I’ve heard of the yellow light of death!” Well you’re right.

Well, perhaps the word “equivalent” isn’t the right one to use, since, at least according to Sony, less than one half of one percent of PS3s sold in the UK have turned up bad. That works out to 12,500 faulty PS3s out of 2.5 million sold.

In comparison to the XBox 360, a full 60 percent of having died (due to the red ring of death). The PS3 comes in at 16 percent, and the Wii is only 6 percent.

It turns out that only 25 percent of those broken Xboxes lasted more than 18 months. So, 75 percent of those Xboxes didn’t even make it to month 18.

That’s ridiculous.

Ok, now do me a favor. Google two things for me in the news. 1 – PS3 online suspended and 2 – XBox live suspended. Notice anything? Nothing comes up with suspending anyone from the PS3 Network, while the360 has numerous stories about people being suspended. One such story you notice is a lesbian who was suspended from Xbox Live for, well, being a lesbian.

Our gamer tag is ShayHolly – not offensive. In our profile under bio it says “lesbians from way back” – apparently offensive? My blood started boiling instantly.”

Next up – Microsoft took down 1 million users who they say were playing pirated games. While I am not condoning pirated games by any means – this is insane to ban 1 million of your paying users. But it shows that Microsoft’s rule with an iron fist over its users. But what are you going to do – sue Bill Gates?

Erik Estavillo, who is suing Nintendo, Microsoft, and Activision Blizzard (following a failed attempt against Sony), has now subpoenaed none other than Microsoft Chief Bill Gates in his Red Ring of Death lawsuit.

It instructs Gates to bring “documents pertaining to the true and relative number of actual Xbox 360 units that have been fixed by Microsoft over the past 3 years.”

He also seeks to obtain statistical data which shows the true number of Xbox 360s which have been Red Ringed or otherwise broken down, as well as the number of individuals banned from Xbox LIVE for “piracy” over the one-year period ending on November 28th, 2009.


Another point, why am I paying to play online when I already pay for my internet at home? Plans for XBox Live start at $49.99 a year, or $19.99 3 months. Doesn’t sound like too much, but compare to PS3’s online network plan of zero dollars. That’s right, free. I was instantly online and playing games with my friends, over wireless mind you. PS3 also has attained rights to stream NetFlix live (just like the XBox).

As for pricing, XBox appears to be the cheapest choice of the two. For $200 you get the 360 Arcade with only 256MB hard drive, while for $300 you get the PS3 80GB hard drive (a little bit of a difference, huh). An extra hard drive piece (120GB) for XBox is  $150. Not to mention that I can play Blu-Ray. How’s that DVD technology working out 360 users? Yeah? Because I sure love my Blu-Ray player – watching movies in crystal clear HD, it’s truly amazing, you should try it!

And finally – game exclusivity. It is always a battle between the two consoles to see who will get the hottest game. For the most part, both the 360 and PS3 have almost the same games for each console, minus a few – – a big few. First off, one of the best single player games (and now online) I have ever played, Uncharted 2. Second, the entire Metal Gear Solid franchise. Which has consistently been some of the best games to ever hit the market. And coming in March, perhaps one of the greatest titles of all time, God of War 3. This game alone is worth the price of a PS3.

And on that note I say no to all you XBox 360 users. For the last time, stop pushing Xbox on me. I will never get one. Ever. So continue to pay for your online experience, continue to believe you are above PS3, enjoy your overrated titles like Halo, your point system, your game glitches, your DVD player, lack of hard drive space, and 60% fail rate. I’ll be over here playing online for free, watching Blu-Ray, and playing God of War (with controllers that make sense).


10 Responses to “Stop Pushing Xbox on Me: I’m Happy With My PS3”

  1. Gil December 2, 2009 at 2:32 pm #

    You forgot to mention that the PS3 has built in wireless. The 360 wireless adapter costs $100. So if you want to compare apples to apples, here goes.

    PS3 – 120GB HDD = $300
    PSN (online gaming) = $0
    Wireless (built in) = $0
    DVD player (built in) = $0
    Blu-ray player (built in) = $0

    Grand total = $300

    XBox 360 Elite – 120GB HDD = $300
    XBox Live Gold membership (online gaming) = $50
    Wireless adapter (attachment) = $100
    DVD player (built in) = $0
    Blu-ray player unavailable

    Grand total = $450

    I guess you could hard line your 360 but you’re still in the hole and it doesn’t play Blu-rays.

    That’s just my 2¢

  2. you're stupid December 2, 2009 at 4:25 pm #

    lets seeeee… we already have a blu-ray player so who the fuck cares?
    when ps3 came out it cost an arm and a leg. sure they lowered the price now but everyone already got their xbox.
    Gameplay and graphics are virtually the same.
    Microsoft fixes xbox for FREE.
    The internet service we pay for is top-of-the-line.
    All my friends have xbox360 and play games with me online, while maybe 3-4 have ps3.
    xbox has exclusive titles too.
    God of war is overrated.

    Quit pushing the ps3 on me i love my xbox

    • Ghudson December 2, 2009 at 7:47 pm #

      Let’s go down the list here:

      I didn’t have to pay extra $200 for my Blu-Ray – and it is all in one (limit controllers, electricity, and convenience). You’re right, PS3 was super expensive when it came out, the 360 was $400 also though. You’re right about graphics, almost identical. Why is fixing your 360 a perk? Tells you something about the quality (overheating?). What internet service isn’t top of the line? All internet is basically the same (and ps3 can use wireless). Tell your friends about my post. I addressed exclusive 360 titles (Halo is pretty much the only one, Gears of War is way too short). Go and play GoW and tell me that it’s overrated.

      I never pushed ps3 on you, just ranted that it’s better (all in my opinion). No post will ever change a 360 or PS3 user’s view.

  3. Amin December 3, 2009 at 8:14 am #

    I have an Xbox 360. The nickel-and-diming of Xbox live is definitely annoying, but the other multimedia aspects of the console are pretty nice. I love the network connectivity with my PC; I can stream music, tv, and movies from my computer easily. Plus Xbox has better backwards compatibility than PS3. Only the early $500 models of PS3 could play PS2 games. 360 can play almost every original Xbox game (except for NBA Jam ’03. Why God, why?!?!?!?!).

    Paying for the wireless connectivity is stupid, but you don’t have to pay for wired. I use that, and it works just fine. Everything else that uses internet in my apartment is wireless, so the router sits above the Xbox. No problem there.

    And when did PS3 start selling with the 120GB HD? I thought it was just the 40GB.

    I think the debate here is a lot like Verizon vs. AT&T. It matters what your friends have, too. That way, you can play online easier, borrow games, etc.

  4. Andrew January 28, 2010 at 8:17 am #

    Well I think this wraps this up nicely…

    • Geeeenneeeeessiiissss February 19, 2010 at 11:31 am #

      Very relevant to the PS3/Xbox360 debacle! Thank you!

      • Ghudson February 19, 2010 at 12:05 pm #

        Well thought out and very timely. Great comment! THANKS!

  5. mike August 11, 2010 at 7:25 am #

    here is my take on the two system’s i started out with a 360 i went through 3 in a year so i sold my xbox 360 i hated everything about it its to limited… safe to say i did buy a ps3 here are it amazing features that i liked

    – awesome exclusive games
    – free online game play
    – acsess to EVERY website (includes youtube 😀 )
    – no having to buy batteries or a rechargable battery pack
    – the blu ray dvd player
    – the amazing look of the ps3 (it looks so cool)
    – i have a 500gb HDD where’s the 360’s 500gb HDD? WAIT it doesn’t exist only the ps3 get’s those nice big hard drives


    • Ghudson August 11, 2010 at 4:30 pm #

      Thank you. Now if only the world would finally realize exactly what you just said.

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