So You Want to Go to Space Huh?

2 Dec

Now a lot of you I’m sure have dreamed of being an astronaut someday – feeling the thrill of the ride up, floating in no gravity, and living in a place as wide as your closet. Oh you didn’t dream of that last part either? Well NASA has released an HD 30 minute piece with Expedition 20 Flight Engineer Michael Barratt, documenting the full 167 feet of the space station’s pressurized modules. Barratts commentary describes to Mission Control in Houston how equipment and supplies are arranged and stored, and provides engineers with a detailed assessment of each module-to-module hatchway.

Ok now imagine spending 3-8 months in that place. Unbelievable. Claustrophobia anyone? Because you sure can’t go outside for a breath of fresh air. Not to mention the bug problem!


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